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Speaking of rv's you know who we need to have on the show we need to have josh rutledge husband of our co worker laura who is plays in the san francisco giants organization play baseball alabama you know he's played for the braves you play for the rockies he yesterday on social media posted a picture he's he is playing in the san francisco giants organization in his live is the sacramento triple a he just did a deal with like an rv salesman he's living in an rv my man james padro hayes from because florida and apparently as a massive chase elliott fan based on his picture he all he wrote was damon bailey well if you don't know who damon bailey is james you just google him and don't if you ever in the state of indiana don't tell anyone there that you don't know who that is and by the way ob from new jersey just tweeted in response to me talking about walking around campus university tennessee yesterday and he said espn mcgee remembering the exact same spot where his girlfriend broke up with him.

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