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Morning news on Jeremy fostering for Jim sharp it's seven thirty AM the following the number of stores for you at this hour I'm Kevin Christopher in FOR Jamie west Phoenix making plans for the democratic presidential debate details are coming up but first we're on the line those American passenger stocking quarantine on a cruise ship in Japan have just returned to the US that's our top story this morning Kevin hundreds of Americans who were trapped on board the diamond princess cruise ship off the coast of Japan because the corona virus are back on American soil after a pair of overnight flight skate T. airs Jim cross joins us live in the newscenter cover more than three hundred Americans landing overnighted Travis Air Force base in California at Lackland Air Force base San Antonio Texas valley surgeon of summer good dnia and her husband are the Texas based it will rain there under quarantine for the next two weeks they've already bound quarantined on the ship off the coast of Japan for almost two weeks trouble Leschi of Syracuse New York was also one of the flights are just ready for the next step on this crazy journey that we've been taking and and seeing what what happens next no on board one of the flights overnight the note saying which one fourteen passengers who were diagnosed with the corona virus they were placed in a specialized containment area aboard the aircraft to isolate them from the rest of the passengers why the new center germ cross KTA our news and we're glad that some of them are getting back to the US I know they are much relieved at that all right at seven thirty one time to get another look at traffic we do that every six minutes your honor is on this morning news here's Danny Sullivan in the valley should illustrate center well one free ways really backed up right now and it's due to a crash on the loop one a one it's east bound east of seventh St HOV car pooling and the left lane are blocked now got back up from about nineteenth Avenue on over once you get past the rack you're going to be a smooth ride into Scott still but for now one of one back up eastbound nineteenth Avenue to pass to seven street where you've got an accident you'll also Avenue crash fifty First Avenue would lower Buckeye this report it's brought to you by the law offices of Donald W. with it's best if you own a business are starting a business or are currently in a dispute the law.

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