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Face. Impact podcast presented by suburban base and very excited this week. Old time legend of the scene alongside someone. I always enjoy it. So he's got a great story and Someone that i write to personally back in the day and we get. We're gonna chat about that. This is a special christmas edition. So merry christmas and let me waste time and introducing the infamous the famous. The legendary came is now. I've known this man for very long time. And i guess you must have started dj. -ing when i started my business kind of before suburban base really established and you one of those names on the flyer the i would always go out and rape to in oh and we became good gains and he would have right of the start can tell me you know early right. That's what listeners. Wanna hear early days for me was always working on london transvaal. Yeah i was working on the underground and decide while might come from bethnal. Green hackney and mom lights were sign. The aachen you accompanied one of these acid as paul is but the word essiet put me off the just what s it caught me off the kind of thing and then one day we used to raven at some some fisa cup people cover his of getting nine and we've got like the top sincere six steps back in the day. I think he was zero. Six zero six one in clubs anyway so one day. We was driving a like tony. Sicne can go free ecstasy tablets in my pocket so we take once we try one thousand la a na. Nah nah come on. Let's just do one. This is try at once. The guy on the bay. So we took one h while it's probably got to siphon williams flight or we go in this club yup the whole club wrought even the even the the club owner step might use local. Come every week getting for free so we show. We went down to london as driving. Dancing on tony misfly. One of these estimates I think now with is one and it was officials back church lane watch apple and i'm a through some corrugated iron and wooden shit into swear ass a might. It was just some sunny. I've never seen before the music. Everything just hit me. And from deragon converting it was just brilliant just a house news reports it was just breathing and should feel feeling and when that music is free and a little pill l. but Changes your life forever. Just being engaged. Next thing you know for me was the different nationalities. the different colors that was in that people white people in people because of different people. And if i was just raving under one roof and that's what attracted me to it because it was the music. Don't get me wrong. And yeah the junk sail but if you're sensible ways about the jokes i mean people right environment as well and Diverse if people in this place and people were so friendly and that and then from there we just kind every week we was looking for and it was very very special time. But i mean you oversee connected with music before that a big fan and was a raving club in like before experience for you before that i was more of a are supposed to knock of a lot of zero six inside fans jukes anyway. It was mostly like Arm be so disposed you know. I mean style. Reggae reggae shebeens. After hours clubs. And i got them. Reagan's the pau easier and east is all that and that was me that was on the by. I mean i have. I had dj before that it was ninety. One time ago austin the apply a A dog wanted him tweet. Index like the x. An attitude Mixer in the middle. And i wanted them and she says moore polly again. I wanna play the party but that was the only time a dj now and then. Yeah under full about dj. I was thinking about teaching. Say so we get yesterday. I've seen an and you're excited about as echo. What y- what point did you go. You know i want to do this. I wanna be out. Maybe ryan to be doing this or one day. I was a lot the music so much and off-the-wall opposite circus station an everyday Lunchtime is to go to market around the cool not about certain station. So black market records and the guy who used to work in a stanford his name was used to get would white leg was so my record collection started before actually rave record condition saw before she started the jane yet so i get older tunes and when i did not selection the tunes of what could be watching people like groove rider called cooks. Dj bones them free. The stuck in my head do not. I mean there was also another heritage is cool them to done if you don kevin byard. Yeah evident dangerous right one day instead. Dixon did beat. No twelve understood so much. You need to invest sell twelve under. I was not in anyway. Course ex and dinkum round has been writing not income round mass sunday morning and he started the whole bay. We'll just let mix and i was watching. I was watching everything he was doing. And then when at told you can not not not going to carry on carry. But when by list i was straight on them and i was trying to learn to make myself. And that's what i started to think politician of Out pretty quick. You're not. I mean you must. You must the comments out. Pretty quick iran. That talk like you're just getting into it next year. you're you're an older lineups. i'm seeing kenny. And everything and not. You know a big name in the same from very early. And i go what it was ice mike it my business so now the actual table running the pot is is to write that i just. My mom is needs to get in with that crowd. But because i wanted to. Jay is just the kind of not get in that kind of crowd. You know what. I mean ads so by the time. I sti- jane on you. Who was who you know. And let for instance crazy club story. I was one of the first tape womb the guide near residency and Junk from napa jones single knepper yet. I was decline of the first people that gave me a residency. And then just kicks from there. Really you know. I feel like let labyrinth was a big part of your story. You know when you think about i. So people really conical into in our member right in there and You know you can say like every tune in the second rewound labyrinth was was a big that story. in fact in fact leprince was the first place to residency. Yeah and then. I moved onto crazy.

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