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Present center across from guess services outside of sexual 115 free for ms ufc members go greed and let's begin with the number three because this will mark the third top10 deemed that the smart deflate here in the young season this game will make michigan state the only team among the power six conferences at will play three top10 teams in the first month of the season this should ring a bell because last year the spartans played three teams in the top 10 in the first month as well they'll undoubtedly play hitting body anywhere in also we start with number three because the three ball was electric for this part is in their trip out to the puk eighty on the west coast michigan state shot roughly forty two percent from deepened the tournament knocking out more than nine threepointers a contest the shooting display was extremely spur impressive but let's switch gears to talk about this rebounding performance by the spartans ms you really took its north carolina it'd be by 16 on the glass freshman gerry jackson jr shed light on what it's like to physically dominate eight top tenzin like that it means everything because is more it's less of them and more assist because nets of michigan state stowed four for years and that's one of the knocks on us early was that we had trouble rebounding especially giving up a lot to do so it was good to get that back in home in on it and make sure we dominate the glass in that pretty much led to the score and rebounding could be a huge area for michigan state tonight in nece top five match up as a sports our 19th in the country with a rebound margin being plus eleven on the year while notre dame's is at roughly plus five all the season the area however were notredame might have the advantage as the turnovers it's been michigan state achilles heel thus far making them negative bringing the turnover margin while noting was plus three in the turnover margin and that plus three or excuse me that the amount of turn they have for game is second best in the country just under nine pull god's s in terms of the series history this is only the second sign that these two mid west programs have met since 1979 the irish one last headtohead meeting in overtime.

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