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The because they still filled the field as it were so they would have people stand where the pitcher would stand even though he wasn't throwing the ball and everybody rotated in and out but he said so you know if you could just stand there you know there's the position at the pitcher's mound when everything's going on and the coach said well kind of the rules are that everybody plays for a certain period of time and they all shift around that way everybody gets the gets to go no no no i understand but you know i really want him to really focus on pitching and i think the more he gets to stand there and be on the mound the more he'll he'll really like it and be willing to do it so you know if there's anybody who wants to skip a turn or anything like that you know all talk to some of the other kids too but if if there's anybody who wants to skip a turn if you could put him there the net that'd be great because i think dave's gonna make great pitcher one day and i really think that you know and the kids are like five you know they can't hold the baseball yet very well any anybody throwing the ball it didn't get very far but this guy desperately wanted his kid to be a pitcher and his pathway to doing that was to have the kids stand on the pitcher's mound in tball so i mean you just can't deal with parents tomorrow well in yuba city which is in northern california a team called the honcker when the hunters hit the hardcourt this next seas the basketball team they'll be doing it with a different coach the district has cut ties with the decorated yuba city high school boys varsity coach mammo rough eek who wants led the afghan national basketball team who knew afghanistan known for its poppy seeds and high school basketball has anyway he's run the fourteen forty basketball academy in yuba city for years despite a long list of accomplishments to his credit some parents say the he's a little too aggressive that sometimes you know he tells the.

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