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Bit because you got got right behind Raven's fan though is very precarious. Herbal blind spots diving. You're here with hurts. Tell us a little bit about what you're doing with. As a twenty year ago member of her. It's I'm excited to to help them. Kickoff this extra mile campaign rain that they have and it's really about celebrating the hurts. Gold plus reward members. who have really helped him become number one in the space that they're in and so they're giving fifty winners and opportunity to take a really decked-out bus? Yeah to To the big game and I think it's going to be extraordinary experience. And that's that's what hurts. Try trying to create experiences for their war. Plus members that have made them The great companies at the are all right. We're GONNA talk throughout this about your Super Bowl Championship. But I wanNA talk about the experience before the a game it famously. Obviously it's your final game it's in Detroit. It's in your hometown euro. You've already built a hall of fame. Resume all the opportunity in the world. I'm sure to go see people to you know really embrace the week in the moment and we talked Emmett Smith about this and different people have different opinions. The advice you would have to the young guys is on the chiefs and the niners who haven't been Lupul and how to approach this week especially you guys were in Detroit's hometown for you but not exactly the bustling night night. Pat Is Miami Florida. How would you tell them? They should approach this power. Tell them that what they need to make. Sure they take care of the curfew issue out of the gate make sure because curriculum in a certain time well the key is you. Don't even WANNA put that to the test. We want everybody in thirty minutes before curfew. Whatever that curfew is because what that does is it eliminates any type of issue before this game? The last thing you want is for one of the guys is to be laid the curfew and now the coach has to make a tough decision. We don't want any tough decisions. We want the decision to be made on the football field. Not The before the game starts. He can't play the first half of the game or anything like that. So you want to you want to alleviate all of those issues let guys know you have an opportunity to to celebrate. You can party for the rest of your life if you win this championship and I'm testament to that. Get a chance to to have a ball because we took care of business and so once guys understand that it is a business trip and once you're done you have the rest of your life to celebrate it. Then they'll they'll take it in perspective and understand you won your super bowl. Bid On completing nine passes. How does the way the Jimmy and Kyle Shanahan are handled in? This offense reminds you of the way that Big Ben played in early years. Yeah we were a veteran football team and we knew that we were a really good team defensively and we knew we could run the football and so we said you know what we'll find a way to manufacture manufacture yardage and big plays and those kinds of things but it was about Defense Princeton running game and and when you look at cow Shanahan and what he's been able to accomplish is not that they can't throw the football it's just that they don't have to. And why would you wanNA throw if you don't have to throw it and they're going back to school football saying if you can't stop me running a ball then that's all you're going to see and if you do stop them then Mary to make the big play in the passing game. It's not that they can't they've done it all year. Long is just that. They're that good running the football they don't have to would you. You liked Shanahan system. What we would have been nice? It would have been nice. But it's not really that downhill physical type of running. I think I would have been successful but I always like to play.

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