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So you know. Public allies has a lot of partnerships with a lot of organizations. But they said you will be a perfect fit for big brothers. Big Sisters Right. Yeah so they placed me there and I was fortunate enough to Work there for a little over two years. It was a great experience but it was different because it wasn't hands on with the kids it was more administrative doing the other side of the business and understanding how you set up programs right and implement new programs and things like that so it was a great experience but once that contract ended with them. I started looking for additional employment so then I have to backtrack a little bit. So when holly started at Washington Parts Academy and we created the impoundment project Male mentoring program I recognize that at our school. There was still a specific need for programming and Of My kids ironically. Enough have been a part of scouting. I was a scout when I was a kid. You know in in thirty four of great. They'll come and so when I became an adult I put my sons in scouting and I looked into things that was just going to give them something to do after school. You know they say itemizes double playground just looked in the programming that I like that I thought was interesting and Put My kids in it. So my son Cortez. He was scour And then when Hamas came to watch the parts academy. I seen that we needed. You know. There was an opportunity to start scouting program and I was like I'll start doubting program. I reached out to the organization and we started our pack at Washington Academy Seventeen. O one co seventeen. O One being the Choi was found right. I was with with Yaw Represent Right. Even though we're in Redford technically you know we still serve ninety five ninety nine percent. Detroit kids so I said our pack is going to be called seventeen one because I love my city right so I created the Cub Scout Program and I was a parent. Volunteer and parent volunteering is is Is a labor of love. You know you either do it or you. Don't right you know so. I didn't have a lot of parental support in order to start a cub scout program. You have to have five people to support the program okay. No so it was me my wife. Windy Barbara who was one of my scouts. Mother Right and who's moon helpful? Yeah Mister Moon with my best friend of forty years. Now you know He and are you know that's the funny thing about him is. I invited him to be a part of our DADS club you know. And he don't have no kids at all now not a single child or he has his godchildren and my son. Hollis's his guy is his youngest grandchild on me Godson so he came volunteered at the school. So it was Mi Mr Moon. my wife highly Wendy Barber and Mrs Day which is another parent of a child in school. So that was my staff on paper. That was the staff you know and they also came in and helped me run the program. Make sure kids were on task and things like that so We ran the program for two years at Washington parks in it kind of fell off because there wasn't a lot of other additional support. We you know we does five people that are name also the same five people who were my parent volunteers. All of the years. We've been at the school you know what I'm saying. So you know. Their time gets tax sometimes as well so The program as as itself as a after school program. Oh started doing the laying down and but what was ironic. Is My supervisor. Regina she was Just happened to be at the school one day because what happened is Washington Parts Academy decided to make boy scouting an in school program. Okay which was phenomenally better for our students Rice Louis because a lot of the because that was part of the issue we have is is would doing other after school programs and transportation. Being you know being that we're charter. Schools School of choice you know. There is some transportation issues or children have other obligations after school right so when Watson Parts Academy decided to make an in school program. It made it much better for the key. All boys to be able to participate so I just happen to hear about this that they had an in school program. What that meant school program? What is that all about right? And what so long story short. It's a paid assignment in the in the schools to run programming for boy scouts of America. And I said well I need to apply because there's no place I'd rather be than actually in the classroom. You know I was looking for jobs and I just recently enrolled in college too so that I could get Landry in college degree I would not have the issue of that being a barrier over me anymore so but hearing about the program that they had an opportunity to be to work for boy scouts of America and be in a classroom. That was a win win. It was the perfect marriage. Jed were so I applied. And you know Lo and behold I was eligible for the job. It didn't require me to have a college degree so I'm thankful to be able to actually run program at five schools throughout Metro. Detroit RIGHT NOW. I'm in Eliminate let's name the best school that you're in right. Of course I also elementary middle school. Assure shout out is so it was. It was a pleasant surprise to have you know gotten to know you at Washington parcel. Now's the Dean there and then I happened to be walking through the building and look up and see my brother again at Dawson. Elementary Middle School where I was the dean of climate and culture so I gotta say I advocated because they told me We have a school called Dawson Element I was like. Oh I have to go to Dawson. Yeah that's what Mr Ibran Mr Brown and Mrs Boyce. Are you have to go there? You have? We glad to have you man because when I saw you walk through building I knew I said Oh help help has arrived yes I i. The quality of the programming that you provide the excitement the enthusiasm of the instruction man. Yeah the direction that you provide for the young man if people just look at the collateral that are posted that is a group of our young men from Dawson. Yeah excited about you. Know the work that they had completed right working on flagstaff working on flags that day so for me when I see a group of young men start a task. Finish a task and be excited about what they have completed. Yeah that transcends that assigned absolute because they were able to start something they were able to finish it and they were able to feel a sense of pride ownership of Selena task scouting has principles associated with it. Yeah that transcends just. The program takes young men into life gives them give them skills and gives them a aptitude really just opens up their aptitude to achieve. Oh yeah I like to say I. I didn't never. I never participated in scouting of my son participated in scouting also. I'm knew that he was out. My Wife said I was training little warriors so I stopped that training and I put them in the program so My Mom who's a marine and they asked me say e Brown. Why didn't you go to the Marines? I said well has seventeen years basic and I tell people that story but like those survival skills Learning how to tie not primarily absolutely being able to know how to handle things agriculturally and plant so seed knowing exactly what type of soil that you need how to cultivate My mother also did some some training that might be a little off degree. It you know as far as knowing like your whereabouts assessing your environment being able to take you to one place in you know. Drop you off in you knowing how to you know. Make your way back. Those are all skills that to be honest. Some of our young people today. They don't have to engage it because they sit in the car and they don't pay attention to where they're traveling right computers. Tell you everything right. So they know how to find their way. And I think the scouting is a path of that people can choose to give kids those skills life skills man onto you know one of my colleagues Her Son has grown now. Okay right but to this day if he hands you a pair of scissors or any sharp object he holds onto it until you say thank you so that you acknowledge that you have control of their shop opposite. That's a skill that he learned in scouting. Yeah I mean and and and it's just those kind of things right there you know. We teach we teach the kids about a lot of stuff. Like I'm getting ready to teach the kids how to whittle you know and it's like okay wiggling is done with a knife right right. All of my programs are done in schools so I can't take a knife in school right so we use bars of soap and we use Plastic plastic plastic ware right and teaching the kids. When I started talking about it with the kids you should seen how excited they lit up. You know absolutely because I let them know. I say okay. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa talk to your parents about purchasing you a Swiss army knife. That is almost like a right of passage absolutely. That's right and they all understand it point now with a lot more focused it you know a lot of times when we talk about stuff they get loud and super excited and you know but like even at Dawson. I got nine boys. Yeah right these. Nine boys who are third and fourth graders are so focused on the material and learning it. You know that when I come in I mean and and I do this program at lunchtime so this is they have to eat lunch right. They have to absorb the knowledge and they have to participate. You know all within this little thirty forty minute Wendell. But they come in ready. Let me tell you though every day. They're asking me you know. Even though they know the day that they go Mr Brian I think I have boy scouts today. Mr Lebron I think I gotta go to Boy Scouts Today. No not today thing. I gotta go mystery Brian. I said well you know what go check with. I was GONNA do it every day when they do they do. They are so even before you get there. They are anticipating your arrival. And they they leave. I'm telling you it a sense of accomplishment man and that's why I can get up every morning and feel good about where I'm going and what I'm doing because I know I'm making an impact. You know I see my scouts out in Myers you know in out in town different places and they give me the scout salute right you know and just you know it just warms you up all on inside because you know you make an impact you know they look at you and say hey Mr Franklin hey you know they give me Moscow salute. When I'm in the hallways they give me. The scout saluted come and try and give me the scout handshake. Whatever so that lets me know that. They're absorbing what we're offering them and urban kids day. Don't get it. They don't get this enough. You know what I'm saying. So that's why I'm so happy to be able to create programs in the city of Detroit because otherwise these kids wouldn't be getting these opportunities and and there are a lot of scouting programs around the city in different in different Churches in places. You know an shout out to every last one of them But to be in a classroom. Mace a much more profound impact for me because I see probably two hundred kids a week right. So let's do this because I know there are principles listening in. I know there are educators. Teachers I know whether you're in a public school or charter school. And you're looking for some programming for your students. And sometimes it's your high fliers. You're young men who need.

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