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True songs by Irving Berlin, Rodgers and Hart, Harold Arlen, Fats Waller and others. Giordano and Wainwright previously worked together on the HBO series Boardwalk Empire and Martin Scorsese's film The Aviator. We'll play some tracks from their new album and the performer. Few songs for us, You know that I haven't missions fall loved a pose Asians. First news. Live from NPR news. I'm Jack's fear. Congressional Democrats are endorsing a bipartisan coronavirus relief bill and calling on Republicans to work on a compromise. MPR's Kelsey's now reports move is a significant shift for Democrats who previously focused on a much larger package. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer are endorsing a $908 billion bill that is being framed as an interim patch. It's the first time the two top Democrats have embraced legislation smaller than the $2.2 trillion bill that passed the House in October. The legislation includes money for states, small businesses and people who have lost jobs during the pandemic. Republicans rejected that proposal when it was first announced, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he is focused instead on a smaller relief package that can win support from President Trump. But Democrats are asking Republicans to work with them to reach a compromise in hopes of passing a bill before the end of the year. Kelsey Snell NPR NEWS Washington U. S. Health officials say the best way to stay safe during the holiday season. Is to stay home, the officials say. For those who ignore that advice, testing before and after any trip should be mandatory. Many Americans did not follow. The CDC is guidance over Thanksgiving. It's expected as result. Over 19 cases will be increasing in coming days, The number of coronaviruses cases has been soaring again, with colder weather hitting many parts of the country. More than 13.8 million Americans have tested positive for the virus will more than 273,000 Americans have died. The Senate's newest member, Arizona's Mark Kelly says he had a successful first day of voting. MPR's Claudio Gonzalez reports. The Democrat was sworn in as his wife, former representative Gabrielle Giffords, and brother astronaut Scott Kelly looked on. Mark Kelly said he's already in talks with colleagues over a bipartisan coronavirus relief bill. Anything we could do that's bipartisan.

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