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This is optimal living daily episodes 748 ymt came back my evening spiky flanders of key flanders dark hominum just a mallik the guy that reads blog post to you every single day of the year with permission from the websites and today's episode is sponsored by talk space the online therapy company they'll as you choose from over fifteen hundred licensed therapists get match with your perfect therapist who can put you on the path to a happier life for a special offer just for our listeners visit talk space stock com slash old days poses from k flanders she has a new book coming out in just a couple of weeks amadou a special episode with her in about a week so definitely say to for that but for now let's hear her post as we optimized your life why am taking back my evenings by gay flanders of cape flanders dot com hello friends in hello december it's hard to believe that my year of slow living experiments is almost over it started with a slow morning experiment in january where i allowed myself to wake up naturally and have a slow quiet morning before the start of each day slow mornings are something i've managed to continue with all year and have helped lower my anxiety about both work and life now deserve experiments has come full circle and it's time to focus on slowing down my evenings particularly my bedtime routine if i've never mentioned it before i have always been a troubled sleeper the first time i can remember experiencing extended stretch of insomnia was in the ninth grade age fourteen i would either lay awake until three am and then sleep for only a few hours or i would wake up around three am and never fall back asleep this went on for weeks before us finally so exhausted then my body just knew what it had to do.

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