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Of our buildings are built before World War two and when the law this was a bill that went to get recognition initiative but they didn't I mean it was a different time in there too only thirty three of the city's one hundred twenty five so. calls have air conditioning the teachers union says it's frustrated with what it calls a mayor's avoidance of the issue it was a shorter weekend for many in the sea port who got home later than usual Friday night protesters gathered in the heart of the afternoon rush on the Congress street bridge demanding action on climate change they call this a flood the seaport protest no arrests were made sixty seven people have a date in front of a judge after they were arrested at a protest outside a coal fired power plant in bow New Hampshire Saturday WBZ's Charlie Sherman has the story the activists were charged with trespassing on the grounds of the Merrimack station after more than two hundred protesters turned out for the rally and called for the coal fired plant to be shut down the protests came at the end of a week of climate demonstrations around the world calling for governments to do more to reduce carbon emissions the protest was organized by non profits such as three fifty New Hampshire whites in democracy New Hampshire youth movement and climate disobedience hydraulic Sherman WBZ Boston's newsradio shanks restaurant at the Halifax Country Club destroyed by fire last night fire crews got an automatic alarm around eleven o'clock and found heavy fire at the back of the building and managed to hold it to the restaurant no injuries U. S. gas prices are up due to events half a world away given the higher price of crude oil following an attack on facilities in Saudi Arabia this should not come as a surprise about the cost of gasoline. under a dime per gallon in the past two weeks regular grade now sits at two seventy three and it's about eighteen cents below what it was one year ago analyst and publisher trilby Lundberg whose nation wide survey has the highest average prices around San Francisco lowest gas prices around baton Rouge Tom forty CBS news and now a check of the box office here's correspondent Julie Walker the animated adventure abominable has topped the box office with an estimated twenty point nine million dollars a year the animated Chinese generational family story abominable is this weekend's soul new wide release and the US China co production last weekend's number one your.

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