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Five nice nice setup. There hoskins traffic. No no. You don't have time time down were you. Where's he going. He's okay he's gonna put its he's gonna put his glasses on right now. Bam all right here we go. Cj jefferson and. Let's listen now. The first thing i want to talk about is edge versus seth rollins. Put that picture up. Edge is a hall of famer brian. And you know the game. He had a terrible neck injury in two thousand and eleven made him retire. he came back. Nine years later made his triumphant return knows wrestling again. And we have. Seth thrones who's not happy that edge is back taken his shine. Okay i like i love. I love it when wrestling can do a nod right. Something happened between the two and two thousand fourteen. Seth ron's threatened to break edges neck when he couldn't wrestle and was kind of in a weak state. now they're pulling that back in there now going to actually have a match where they're going to butt heads in okay. I'm predicting the edge is gonna come out on top of this one but it'll be this might be just as far as wrestling matches. Go the match of the night okay. That's really what else you're looking for. A secondly we have a tag team championship match and this is between. Aj staus in obama's the tag team champions going up against randy. Wharton and matt riddle archaic. Bro now matt. Riddle is a guy who former ufc fighter. legitimate guy. had some trouble with stephen. A smith likes to say about staying. We'd he he had some issues with marijuana which led from the ufc unfairly my mist. Ten and three record. You took away all his disqualifications for marijuana in the system. But matt riddles kind of like if you were to take jeff's macaulay and mike barnes from karate kid three was much meaner than johnny lawrence. So jessica kolia. Matt bahr mike barnes and you put them together. You'd have matt. Riddle randy orton. Of course alleging the game. He's a viper. You don't get a nickname like viper being nice guy right this. But he's being nice to matt riddle because riddles loves him and he hold them in high regard so brand new orleans team with them. I think is going to be a feel good moment. Okay rated arcade rose gonna win tag team. Go for one of them. It could be particularly feeling good. If they're still yeah he's sort of stuff but he's still got three more to go elsewhere to go knock this out. We have the Smackdown women's championship matches between bianca. Beller champion and sasha banks was mike del. Tufo 's absolute favorite of these two headline wrestlemainia huge moment in wrestling for the two of them. And i feel like this could go either way. Sasha has a new little factions. going the bag women who like going to terrorize the rest of the girls in so she could win. And set up becky lynch coming back. Who as we all know is probably the biggest star that they have there. But i personally. I'm hoping bianca wins. I feel like she's the perfect person who if you're running a company you want them as the face issue was on Tokyo goal delight to interview rate on the non tokyo greene story. Okay so i would say. I'm looking for bianca to win. And retain her title next up. We have the wwe heavyweight title bout between our friend. Bobby lashley who. I'm still waiting to hear if i can join the her business. Even though they're out of business. I'm still looking for an answer understood. Thank you keep waiting. And the legend. The member of the tribe goldberg. Which you know. Here's the deal. i'm not here for any goldberg slander. People like to try to rewrite history with goldberg back in the day in the late nineties goldberg was the absolute man the king. He was the kim. And i don't care what people now try to say. He was the man he turned a lot of people on the wrestling. That were interesting. But i believe this is bobby. Lashings time and i feel like you know. Okay bobby lashley. The almighty is going to say well done. We have the returning. John seen taking on the man right now that the head of the table. The traveled chief roman reigns for the universal title. And you know. Here's the deal. John seen sitting at sixteen world championships. He's tied with ric flair for the all time record. Have the most super bowl wins now. If someone wants to get real petty because ric flair asked for his release they could maybe blitstein a win so he could take over the all time title win. I hope that's not the case doesn't want it. That way to doesn't want that we roman reigns is the man right now. You should acknowledge him. He is the head of the table. He is the travel chief. And i feel like roman reigns is going to dominate john sina on saturday and solidify his spine only thing they have to worry about. There's a guy named big former iowa hawkeye defensive lineman who has the money in the bank contract which allowed him to have a title match whenever he wants. He'll done tease lashley or romans. Gotta worry biggie is going to snatch. His title is money in the bank. Back from bearing corbin. Check it all out on peacock coming up on saturday night. The summer slam will check your work on monday. Yeah we've got a whole third hour coming up with billie jean king on the richeisenshow. Well don t j jefferson. I support Okay jason. You had a A request for time. You've asked this time. So i need to ask for your blessing on something. Absurd tattoo bet. Set it all up. Though i come on in my fantasy league. The beach boys football football every year. I ended up in head to head tattoo. Bet with my buddy steve. Last year the bet was to get the losers are the winters nickname on your backside. Stakes are high. Are you serious. Yeah so he has to get a tattoo of your friends nickname. I haven't. He's got hoskins yet. That photo. No good lord. No that's my buddy sean. He was not happy to do this. But so left or right left right okay. His nickname is river because he at one point lived in a van down by the river. Right.

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