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Episode in the morning. I never let me take this heavy. So, you know, I. We know you got. Table soda company. 'cause I mean, our soda company and soda is very difficult to billion dollar business, but is very hard to get through and Coca Cola Pepsi CNC Colin, it's very difficult to why soda where they already have a, Brandon a network of has built a brand over the last fifty years. That's fallible at you kids know, like when leave is when little Wayne is hot. Leave is pop up, but they have a red bent down in the right heart, and he was snoop is hot. The same Levi's company puts out a blue end and on the last that gratuitously catering toy. Your brand for fifty years, and white man who sit behind desks corporations or wise enough to say, well, let's use this, you going to take advantage of what you have Bill. All I'm doing this interjecting the option in the possibility that episode in particular was very interesting because it's all about branding and marketing, and then going in and discussing like even how the crypts was started. Revolution in progress. Exactly to see how people reacted, right? These corporate people these executives that can look at things like you showed Andrew Jackson on the dollar Bill. Yes. Absolutely. Twenty two twenty dollar Bill and to show that and talk about what it is that he did, what I what did you slave home? He was Jackson was be honest when he was president. But he is the president put a valley on native American. Hey. It says it was easier to scout them than it was to bring in a whole head of the body. The turns scalping back, so he probably have some native Americans wanting to carry a twenty dollar Bill. You celebrate criminal. We love criminal America was built only criminal love. Great criminal gimme white, but we criminal. Oh man. We come sunny, Barringer, Scarface alka Powell. But when it comes to us, we shine that we shot, and I'm just saying simply take a banker told me about a month ago. Michael the numbers man in a bootleg was important to the black community as the decent store on the farm. Because all the money wasn't went to the bait went to lending to help people mortgage. If it weren't for the some of the numbers may as bootlegs you wanna have some civil rights marches, extra few hundred thousand dollars that would need it from Jimmy black folk who was okay, so I'm just saying we don't have to celebrate crime, but you have to understand every culture will tell you a story that grandfather's name. Things. But he makes sure we were okay? Detail again. And they were trying to make sure he was okay. For me. I'm just saying by any means necessary truly means by any means necessary, why don't we support each other more? We showed him in and I was talking behind the scenes early, and it was like without people, sometimes it's almost difficult to show them something because right away, like not at work now. I can't do that. That's not gonna happen. And I feel like that's a problem. Now community. I don't think that's a problem. I've seen more people cooperating and working together and attempting to think that that's the narrative that gets told and that kind of keeps us separate, but you come to places like Landon, New York man, see us working together. What I would like to get rid of is the perception, that we don't do a good job because what other things another places another people. Treat us bad. We make noise about it if corrected we forgive sometime, not even if not corrected me forgive. And we continue to support would like us to do the same thing you want out like us to be more forgiving with one another out like I understand that it's just not about a someday. My wages might have had a bad day. But that doesn't give me a reason. Never go back to their restaurant. You know what I mean? My brother who sold me the car. He got me full a thousand before. Cow. But, you know, I'm gonna come back to you, but you got to show, so I don't follow the narrative that we don't because we do we sit in his room together doing. We got killing Mike. When we come back to the breakfast club..

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