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Awkwardly at best in that period uh and and so and he was ridiculed for it you know he he he said at one point that chavez had come to him in the form of a little bird and then a year later the oil prices which had been at an alltime high in the world for you know the previous several years bringing in a trillion dollars defend israel start to plummet neko from one hundred twenty dollars to something like thirty you know it's just the bottom fell out and compounding matters in december of two thousand fifteen they have legislative elections for their national assembly what we would call the congress and the opposition for the first time in all of the years of chevy m another a sense 1999 took a majority the things reached ahead early this year when the supreme court announced that it was wanted to dissolve the national assembly the country erupted in protests and demonstrations which lasted from march until the end of july in the course of that time muddle began talking about a constituent assembly which would replace the national assembly that both compounded the situation of volatility and polarization caused even greater violence to erupt on the streets every day you had national guardsmen battling it out with young protesters some of them throwing molotov cocktails for the most part throwing rocks or yelling they were shooting tear gas and live ammunition there were deaths every day and.

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