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I think it's going to be wait for it very contentious, and it is the mount Rushmore of moments that we wish Twitter existed, so you can be sports. It can be history be anything moments that you wish Twitter existed so that you could think think the llama cheese, how hot Twitter was when the Llamas were running around that neighbor? Are you remember the when the the balloon flew away below? I'm talking when the army had like a runaway blimp. Ooh. Yeah. Any kind of like yet chase or anything like that. All right. Should we start? Let's do it. Hank. Would you like to go to go, okay, let's do it right. My number one, I'll go with the mouth of the palace. Yep, easy one. That's an easy. One. Easy y stayed home from school sick the next day and they they showed that clip on sportscenter over and over again for our street. Yep. Twitter would amid a lot more in Twitter with, I remember watching that in college and being like what is going. That's pretty sweet. That's that's a hot start, right? Yeah. Okay. PF TI. Okay. Me get started with the Mike Tyson Holyfield ear-biting. That's good. That's good. I also had that on my list really since it was pay per view. Yup. You had to wait like probably two days to actually get the video of it up by the fight. Yup. All right. I will go. They have DVR back then. No, no, that was. Before DVR. Tibo came out and what like two thousand, but nobody knew how to use TV tvos when I came out, I wanna say like DVR was really a thing in like two thousand four, five. But you did have like VHS recorder, you record what you were watching on live TV, but then you'd have to have already purchased the fight and you had to be legally recording it. Then you had to find somebody with those tapes then you had to borrow their tape. It was a big thing. There was nothing better to than like we. We're just y'all were just old enough that we got like the tail under the Tyson time and being like getting together for like, I remember I got together with for Tyson, who's it who's a brisk guy, Lennox, Lewis, Lennox, Lewis like that, get the getting together for a big fight veal. I feel like it's a little loss because now you can just scroll through your your TV and be like, oh, yeah, I'll buy this. Yes, super. Yeah, you don't set it up. You're out, like who's buying the fight, who's by you? Don't have to call like a week in advance to get it. All right. Got the fight guys makes you come over. All right. I got to. I'll go with the OJ chase that one solid. I mean, I don't even that would have been and the the finals was going on during it. Right. So it would have been out of control day for Twitter, and then my second one, I'm gonna go with the Tonya Harding, Nancy, Kerrigan whole thing's download of the jokes in like the stories, just any anything where like the facts come out pretty quickly, but it's a little bit of a dry, you know, like like, oh, like Nancy, Kerrigan was attacked and everyone just flips out on Twitter, and then you get the life of that like week being like, actually it was Tonya Harding, who did it and Jeff gloomily. So that would be an unbelievable wanted to be a part of. Yeah. As a matter of fact, I bet you there would be a lot of Twitter sleuths that would already connected. Yes, we found out that it was Tanya, there would probably be a video of the guy running away. Yeah, like you'd have all that you'd have a pair live periscope. Someone would would whip out their phone in periscope, Nancy Kerrigan, you know, screaming and we'd all watch it. We saw. The why me, but like being able to watch that Indiana will fight actual attack. Yeah. Yeah. Twitter's made it a lot more difficult for celebrities to get away with committing crimes. Yeah, that's a real shame. Real shame scare Mucci is probably very upset if Twitter existed during these times, these things probably wouldn't have happened. Tiny hurting still try to call been pretty dumb. Yeah, in OJ. Yeah. Yeah. There's a couple of things that might not have happened the same way, but yeah, for the most part, I think Tonya Harding was dumb enough to do that no matter what..

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