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Football, Julio Jones, Matt Ryan discussed on The Simms And Lefkoe Podcast


Onto like them too so there goes but catch up and tooth brushing that's like even more but there's a lot of these i don't know if we want to call it like book covers or something like that judging a book by its cover that it's a thing in the nfl more than any other sport it's it's the truly yeah it it's your without sending disrespectful you're more of a piece of meat in football than any of the other sports i mean come on nobody the other sports they don't make the baseball players get up there and they're jock straps ago let me look at his body and we're going to take patters hd and then we're gonna take this back to our office and put it on our ipads and put it on our digital system we're all going to sit around the screen and watch highlighted us and then we're going to watch that picture of him naked in front of everybody value another go on any of the sport sport nothing along with like psychological testing and everything else it's it's insane and then that's why but it's also why football's amazing and it's the number one sport in our country yeah so this all right julio jones down by the schoolyard skipping oh ta's and it sounds like it's about contract it is what do you know i know so i i had a friend kind of lead me down this road during the week basically going you know just basically saying i think the whole thing you know it's not about other receivers it's about matt ryan when i was like well you know what i never thought about that and i was a k you probably right so i made a few phone calls there's other people i know and that's the sense i get that this is julio jones more in the fact of there's no way matt ryan where two times more than me right julio jones is gonna make fourteen million this year i'm gonna full team point two five fourteen to so you're telling me that matt ryan more than two of him and i think that's where it goes and i think that that's exactly what the situation is and it should be the situation and he should ask for more money yeah we'll talk.

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Football, Julio Jones, Matt Ryan discussed on The Simms And Lefkoe Podcast

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