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Serious of caravans through the city decked out in pro gun messages. Gun laws have gone much less attention this year. But that could soon change. And if your commute into D. C takes you across the bridge this week, chances are you'll need a backup plan tomorrow and Wednesday. Most Potomac in Anacostia River crossings will be closed as of six tomorrow morning and will remain closed until six on Thursday morning. That'll put additional pressure on the bridges that remain open, including both the Wilson and American Legion Bridges on the Beltway and those remaining open in town, including the chain and key bridges on the Potomac, as well as the East Capitol Street Benning Road in New York. Gavin new Bridges, Even if you can make your bridge crossing, there's no assurance the road you need on the D. C side will be open. Your best bet if you can is to just stay home, John Matthews on W M A l and w e mail dot com. W M male news Time is 804. I'm sharing Reardon and now his U W M A. L traffic and weather from the deep carpet cleaning traffic center traveled on the Beltway, both in Virginia and Maryland. All lanes are open. Everybody's traveling at the posted speed limit. No construction has been set up in There is definitely no accidents traveling between the two belle ways on the Baltimore Washington Parkway and 95 North bound south bound Lanes air clear in Prince George's County, a route 50 between the Beltway in Annapolis eastbound and westbound lanes wide open on to 70 in Montgomery County, from the Beltway to Frederick North bound south bound lanes to clear Nothing to report on 2 95 3 95 and 6 95 in the district And now from garage door repaired calm that W m A L Storm Watch seven forecast Clear Skies tonight Low around 30. Mostly sunny tomorrow high near 51 Day, you'll be able to do all the things.

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