Scott Carr, Gilley, Warriors discussed on Meet the Press


Gilley who died Saturday at the age of 86 His death announced by the mayor of Pasadena Texas home to the singer's honky tonk nightclub gillies which opened in 1970 and though he was known for singing and writing country hits such as this one It was a nightclub that brought him to the attention of a new audience when it was featured along with a mechanical bull in the 1980 film urban cowboy Gilly spent much of his early years in the shadow of his cousin rock and roll pioneer Jerry Lee Lewis I'm Scott Carr Today is Mother's Day and we're expected to drop a record sum of money celebrating mom the national retail federation says Mother's Day spending will total $31.7 billion this year 3.6 billion more than last year The federation says each person will spend about $25 more than they did last year for a record average of more than $245 San Francisco's Golden State Warriors dominated the Memphis Grizzlies last night to take game three that second round NBA series The warriors beat the grizzlies one 42 one 12 Steph Curry leading the warriors and scoring with 30 points The warriors are now leading the grizzlies two games to one They look to defend themselves on their home court in game four on Monday Gas prices have been back on the rise this weekend Jim Forbes has the numbers Triple-A reports on Saturday the nationwide average for a gallon of regular gas was $4 and 30 cents That's up from Friday's average of four 27 Meanwhile the average cost a month ago was $4 and 15 cents and the average cost this time last year was two 95 California leads the way with the most expensive gas with the average gallon costing the driver $5 and 80 cents Georgia has the cheapest gas with a gallon costing about three 81 statewide I'm Jim Forbes Actor Tony Dow who played Wally cleaver on the 50s.

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