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Welcome to ghostly are seances real. Ghostly is a podcast that comes out every other week in each episode. We take a ghost story or paranormal event. And look into its complete history. Rebecca then gives us evidence proving that the story is real and my job is to debate those pieces of evidence. Anki you the listener prepared to vote on if it's real or not if you haven't yet please hit that subscribe button and as always we are your host. I'm pat am rebecca. What's been going on. Rebecca well We had our very first ghostly. Book club dude. We did right before halloween. And we talked about beyond black a novel Which talked a lot about mediums and seances and We had a great time discussing the. Yeah like we don't. We didn't play man we were. We were really getting into the book. So it a lot of fun and I have not picked the book for yet for the next one But it will be in. Gene ury believe january. Yeah we will some as my as my plan I think. I think three months is a good timeframe but i'll I'll certainly have the book selected soon so we'll give people time to awesome to get it and read it. So how about you pat on. Well there's been a lack going on Obviously we haven't recorded an episode in a little bit. And i have some updates to all of that but i want to save that till the end of the episode. Yeah let's let's let's Let's keep going. Yeah yeah i wanted to keep the positiveness up. We'll we'll definitely get to that We actually have some shoutouts. So there are two ways that you can get a shout on ghostly in this particular section The first way is to help us out by buying us some coffee on by amir. Coffey dot com. We love coffee. Yeah and we have a couple of those actually time and then the other way is that we If you give us a review on apple podcast to we will read it out there. You go so Why don't you do the by mia coffee. Once i will i will so we had three different By mia coffee's. I is kevin who we love Kevin's i mean. We love everybody but especially Kevin he has been listening to us for a long time and has always been very supportive..

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