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The Ted Williams tunnel, then up on the route one in North and East Boston. That's pretty bad. And then north of the city. 1 20 Ignore Stop and go through Lexington and wind straight up into Linfield to my king. Deputy BCS traffic on the three. Alright, Mike back to you in 10 minutes and we'll check the forecast in five seconds. A dash affordable insurance dot com Affordable insurance. New drivers welcome. All right when it comes to the forecast for the rest of the night definitely went out there right now, And the good news is that this cold front that's making its way through right now. Bringing us these pretty strong storms and this heavy brain out there right now, the winds out there as well. It's going to be making its way out overnight. So tomorrow it'll be drier won't be quite so humid out there. So that's a good piece of news. Of course. The rest of the night that you could see some rain. Some storms popping up from time to time temperatures dropping into and through the sixties and for tomorrow mostly sunny, get not so humid out there pretty nice high in the mid seventies. Clear out there tomorrow night Low near 60 downtown fifties North and west Thursday just looks phenomenal. If you've got time for a lunch date, maybe a dinner date on Thursday. That's going to be the day to do it. Mostly sunny, gorgeous skies out there 78 degrees nice and comfortable. We will take it. Some storms right now making their way through Providence, Rhode Island towards 64 degrees to some showers in Worcester at 61 some showers as well in Nashua, New Hampshire, at 65 right now in Boston at 605, looking out the window just some very like drizzle out there and where it's 66 degrees. It comes to Covid in Massachusetts tonight. DPH confirming 33 new cases out of more than 20,000 new tests. Seven day average positivity rate is flat from yesterday at 70.34% 103 people are in the hospital getting treatment, and one more person has died. We also learned today at the White House will not be able to reach its vaccination goal by the fourth of July. Those numbers became clear today and now officials are urging young Americans to get out there and get the shot. White House coronavirus Response coordinator Jeff Science says the U. S. Will not reach 70% of all adults with at least one covid vaccine shot by Independence Day, but says it has reached 70% of all adults over 30. Science, says the vaccination rate for younger adults is lagging. The reality is many younger Americans have felt like Covid..

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