Ginny Casella, Apple, Iphone discussed on The Bruce Elliot Show


Is ginny casella has all the details lowly in the dow crossed this twenty two thousand mark for the first time right after wall street opened stocks are rallying helped by strong earnings reports especially from apple apple had a much better than expected summer quarter apple shares opened up approximately six percent that contributes sixty points to the dow apple sold more ipads and macs in its summer quarter iphone sales rose slightly even though the newest iphone is expected next month some customers are apparently not waiting and they're buying iphones now chief executive tim cooke sums it up saying we've got momentum and the dow still has momentum right now up forty nine points at twenty two thousand thirteen mummy in angst ginny this comes on the same day that payroll processor eighty peace has businesses added a solid one hundred seventy eight thousand jobs in july again the dow hitting an all time high twenty two thousand eight is still over that number this is a fox news alert another high and we'll see exactly how the media handles this bruce all your show talk radio six eighty wcbm until the number years 410 wcbm succeed he told for long distances one eight hundred w city of society royal or how.

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