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The charges were pained. There was one. Where was you know, they had the ball in their own end zone. They went three and out. I think I think wiz wny's have a little bit more confidence play with some more balls. I guess you can say when it just comes to. Just doing his offense out of their own end zone. He went run to watt right of the middle which come on, man. That's not gonna get you anywhere. Then you went run again. And then they tried to throw the ball on third down. And they basically just punted the possession. When I mean they've had success. If you remember I forgot what game it was. But Tiro caught like a deep forty forty are bomb and that was out of their own end zone. And I mean, they can still pass the ball. It's not nothing really changes. You just have to have confidence in your offense in it seems like I do every other place. So that that'll be so being to keep an eye on as a season goes on just to make sure just to see how that aggression changes as they are if they are backed up in their own end zone. Speaking of Derek watt. There were a think so that dare grat had der watt to carries. Mike Williams had. Carry Travis Benjamin had a Carey. I think that okay. I think that was it. So those players had carries before equa got his first, touch, and I think equities I touch one for nine yards, and he had the touchdown called back in in no way. My on the train that I you should take away carries for Melvin Gordon at least anymore. But I do think that I mean come on if you're gonna give WADA fullback dive, why not give equity that or at least maybe a sweeper and some sort of misdirection where if you are giving those players touches over Melvin Gordon that is not the right way to go. And I'm pretty sure, and I get that, you know, they're just trying to be keep a defense off balance and keeping guessing n I've no problem with that. But you know, just give your best players the ball. And that's their best are that's when the offense is obviously had their best. When the best players touch the ball echoes show that you know, when you give him the ball he can break those runs in. Always has that explosive Billy why doesn't give you that Benjamin does. But I mean, he's just a shell of himself. He did he does not look the same at all is just super scared of contact them. So one other thing they kind of sit out early in the game was when they were taking the deep shots that rivers balls were just like dis pass was just dying in mid air. And and it would be probably I would say on all the passes that went over where he had to really have some project trajectory on wall. So that was kind of interesting and Lynn, Linda dress that after the fact in the post game. So he said that they had to kind of you know, just basically a daft on the fly in change their game plan. It's changed to a bunch of short passes and throws worth essentially rivers would have to make it throw on the line. So that a that was good to see our good to hear from him. At least. Just as far as him knowing that they're going to have to make these make these adjustments and speak in a land. Man. He it's been kinda quiet as far as the coach of the year goes, but. He since basically since a year ago. So since I think it's week eleven this time last year..

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