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Know this. Well. Let me catch myself I. was about to say just know this? We're going to get baseball. I'd like to feel that way I. Don't feel as confident in that as I did when this announcement was, I made. But that's not going to deprive me of my giddiness at a schedule being released it. If for nothing else when I get home tonight, I can tell the owners my fantasy baseball league. What the setup is for ESPN? Fantasy Baseball League and start tracking down league fees at this point. So six days off scattered over the sixty games. September twenty seven the end of the regular season at this point this point a regular playoff setup. There were discussions during the muck and mire of all the debate back and forth between the two sides that there would be expanded playoffs. Those did not happen. When Rob Manford imposed the plan. There is a thought that maybe those talks could be resurfaced even on the fly between the owners and the players, but at this point let's also admit there are some. Some rather large fish to be fried when you have had eight players over the weekend, opt out from Nick marquess today. The Braves David Price of the Los Angeles dodgers over the weekend and others we get dribs and drabs of information about players that have tested positive some names. We know other names. We don't know and that's understandable at this point at. At least from the way, Major League, baseball a set it up and we know there is a growing concern within a baseball number of teams who the initial plan was. Players would get tested every day, and there were at least three teams today, either didn't get tested over the weekend or don't have test results back in three teams. Today said they were not. Not Practicing as a result, they were going to wait for the test to come back before they were back on the baseball field. So let's do this. We'll take a timeout back. We'll talk with. David Bell about how the first four days gone. What he thinks of a schedule of being in place and a whole lot more are carrier sportstalk presented by. Seven WWL W. Six, thirty seven. Seven hundred wwl W we have a developing situation weather wise. We need to check on that quickly. National Weather Service issuing a flash flood warning for northwestern Clermont County that is until nine thirty tonight. That's part of that severe thunderstorm that has been moving through that still in effect until six forty five in just reminder to flash flood warning in effect for Southeastern Hamilton County until nine fifteen. We'll keep you updated on severe weather here on newsradio seven hundred w w all right thanks Sean let's get. Get to at six thirty eight seven hundred wwl w. let's talk baseball. It's nice to see a schedule in front of us, and it has been released in the last few minutes. It is day four of summer camp for the reds both great American ballpark and PRISCO which is a beautiful facility for more on that little reds baseball. Let's welcome in reds manager David Bell. David Lance McAlister how. Are you. Doing I'm well. Great to hear your voice and kind of exciting to schedule. We can look at. It. Makes it a little bit more real, doesn't it? Them sitting here, checking it out right now and a little over two weeks until. Opening night in Cincinnati and and. Makes it seem more real you know? We knew basically went opening day was going to be, but not seeing schedule. you know it's just? Fun, you know it's going to be. It's going to be here before we know so. It's gone smooth here the first few days and it's going to happen. Have to happen quick, but we're. Or each day we're getting closer and closer to being ready David. Let me springboard off of that because you guys are put so much time planning preparation into this with a lot of unknowns four days in. Do you like how things are playing out? We! Do we're? Really thrilled and you know you can do all the preparation and planning and talking and communicating but until. You get here and start What is? Just a completely different. Environment. You're not sure how it's going to turn out the were. Thrilled and the key to so far has been the attitude of the players you know players are. are motivated I. Don't like to get ready for the season, but they're motivated to stay healthy. Because they want to be able to play. They want to be able to compete They want. To be able to do that together as a team and she how good we can be We're so excited months from training ended and You know just to be able to pick back up where we left off and and see this all happened that that's. You know that kind of motivation to go through. You know if you. If you don't have the right attitude towards some of the protocols that were. Being asked to do need to do right now. To stay healthy they could create a bad environment and it could lead to. getting sick and you know our team. My priorities stay healthy their number one. Priority for. All of our wellbeing and The wellbeing of family members of our players and coaches and staff. and in the great thing is, that will also lead into other going. That's to be able to play and. David I've been struck over the last three months in talking with a couple of players Josh van meter told me his data is lunch hour was doing flips with him, and his girlfriend was dropping pitches into the batting machine to keep him ready Nate Jones. told me he built a pitching mound with his dad was throwing out of his barn. It seems as a whole. You guys really put in the work when they were away from this. there's no question and you know we. We can accomplish a lot in three weeks, but you know. The guys that? Came in ready to this can't in are going to have an advantage and our guys All of them did the work they stayed ready and it shows I have. Some guys that showed up in can't and and really the best shape of their life and they they really took. took the time not only to get in great shape, but. Probably just like other people in the situation and You know kind of the way you coached. this time and if you could somehow turn it into an opportunity. It'd be that much further that I players did not only did they get in great shape? But they you know that caught up on some health and rest and really came in ready to go and excited to be back on the field, and and they're in twos to be back. It seems like a guy who who caught up on things got healthy, and even streamlined his body and his in tremendous shape, but somebody like Nixon Zell. Ensure de. He was in he's. You know great athlete. He was what I consider to be good shape in spring training. He was strong. and you know I. Just I didn't think much of it When I saw him the other day for the first time. I was. Really surprised and Then, talking to him. she's thrilled with where his body. He was able to get body the big thing for him as go into. Rehab and onto the shoulder surgery, and all you can't. You can't do the same workout, so you would typically do so. it was able to get back to that over the last few months and years just in phenomenal shape, really lean, but strong stronger than he wasn't spring training, so it's just GonNa play into his athleticism and and it will.

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