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Well, that's good to know for parents out there. Sunny last question in terms of blockbuster. There's some trailers down the road that we saw in Thor and they pay a lot for those trailers. Is there anything you are waiting on the edge of your seat to see? Well, I don't know about blockbusters, but I do really like the trailer for Amsterdam. Did you get that? Well, that was not attached. No. Yeah, so Amsterdam is the new movie from the director of silver linings playbook and American hustle. Gars Christian Bale. It looks a little bit like a Coen brothers movie. It's not a Coen brothers movie, but it looks a little bit like Ellen brothers movie. And I liked Coen brothers. So I'm looking forward to that. But now it's that there's a dry stretch here probably we are we are going to be hitting post the first weekend of August when bullet train comes out the movie with Brad Pitt. I saw that trailer. I'm kind of looking forward to that. Haven't you seen that trailer 20 times? I've seen that trailer 20 times. Well, we see all the trailers 20 times now because there are so many fewer movies. There's only one big release every two weeks now, which I think is actually smart. I mean, I think Hollywood should get back to instead of a tent pole every week, a tent pole every three weeks and then a little bit smaller movies in the interregnum, but I digress. I want to finish by going back to Elvis. I have made the recommendation to a number of people that they go see Elvis. It divides on a demographic line that's fairly significant. If you're under 50, you're not going to you're not attracted to that movie if you're over 50. Even any kind of distant intimation of Elvis in your life, you will enjoy it greatly. What's been the overall grade on Elvis? Are people like it? It's gotten solid. I think a minus or cinema score, which is solid. Critics, critics are pretty positive on it. And you're right. It's definitely attracting an older audience. I mean, if you look at the numbers, if you look at the demographic breakdown, I think the second and third weekend or the second weekend, I think, was older than the first weekend was in terms of older audiences. And it's also attracting women. So it's attracting older women, which has been a demographic that has been loath to come back to movie theaters. And it's doing very well for itself, and it's going to cross a $100 billion this weekend. Tom Hanks can still carry a movie. And Elvis, of course, Sonny bunch, follow him on Twitter at sunny bunch, he earned his airline miles this week and of course the bulwark goes to the movie as one podcast across the movie aisle is another podcast. They are both worth listening to if you're a movie aficionado. Thank you. Sunny bunch. Welcome back, America, you at time for the poet laureate of the Hugh Hewitt show tarzana Joe. Hello, Joe. Hello Hugh. You know the last two weeks have been a little unusual for me. I hear echoes of something that I can't just put my finger on it. But I've tried to. The market is in tatters and everyone's obsessing. But the media is telling us inflation is a blessing. The post and times in chorus have been singing the same song. They say the cost of living has been far too low too long. Editorial opinion, every comment, every letter, all are in agreement that recessions even better. Biden has a program and the reason he began it is he knows that rising prices are a way to save the planet. And if you're in agreement, well, it's time to do your part. Go visit a museum, glue yourself to works of art. The earth has been exploited. Time to lighten up the load. So we better tell the farmers, hey, start learning how to code. If you're feeling cold this winter, why not rule up in your rugs? And if you're getting hungry, here's a burger made of bugs. The streets are filled with garbage, violent criminals are lurking, but they say that their statistics indicate reforms are working as a fight in Central Europe. Have you seen the latest meme go to TikTok and they'll tell you that's just letting off some steam. Well, at least we have some comfort from The White House press release where they tell us pain is pleasure and that war, of course, is peace. That's echoes of something by Joe. It's echoes of 1978. Joe, what year did you graduate from demon deacon, Lin? 79. And by the way, a demon deacon had a great first round in the British open. Well, I'm glad to hear that. But you came out. I was on special report on Wednesday night. And I pointed out I got out when inflation was 7.6. You got out when inflation was 11.3. And then we were both early in our careers when inflation went to 13.5. Aren't those the good old days, Joe? I guess you looked at me and you said, I'll never own anything. I'll never want to think hard. I'm going to have a half grilled cheese tonight. I'm telling you, this can not go on, but Tarzan and Joe goes on and on. He's the energizer bunny of poetry and you can reach him at tarzana Joe at Reagan dot com for all your poetry needs rates are reasonable poems are wonderful. This will be posted. It turns out Joe dot com, if it's working, is it working, Joe? Absolutely. Back on the beam. Back on the beam turns in a Joe dot com, but the people who need poetry write to Joe. He hasn't raised his rates 9.1% in over a week. No, I'm holding a line..

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