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WNBC traffic in transit heavy delays getting onto the George Washington Bridge and bound on the upper deck. The right wing closed till five AM under the apartments for roadwork at 30 minutes late. The 80 95 express lanes. The inbound lower deck is closed. No delay for the Holland or Lincoln tunnels and alternate son. Parking rules will be in effect for Tuesday. Meanwhile, in the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, heavy delays due to an accident closing two lanes north of Camden Plaza, at least 25 minutes away. And into New Jersey. We have a collision, closing the three right lanes of the Garden State Parkway north at Exit 1 43 c. It's at least a 15 minute delay from exit 1 43 B. The express Lanes of 78 Newark are closed eastbound exit 57 to 58 4 construction, with all traffic diverted to the local lanes and a full closure of the truck lanes of the New Jersey Turnpike in the north bound direction. I'm Tom Rogers Talk radio 77 w A. B. C. I'm John Baxter. This is John Baxter Show Welcome by colleague Conrad Black, the author, most recently of Donald Trump president like no other to help us understand a strange turn in the acceptance speech By Joe Biden Last week, virtually For the Democratic National Committee Convention. They quote in, it seems inarguably attached to a very prominent Canadian politician now deceased named Jack Layton. And I go to how the national post that is one of the major newspapers of Canada presented.

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