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Looks great in the Silicon Valley so far, I'm not finding any delays at this early hour. You're next, updates 5 18 on the traffic leader, KCBS. Your case, CBS Bay Area forecast We're starting off the week on a chilly No. Or under a frost advisory until nine o'clock this morning sunny this morning. Becoming partly cloudy in the afternoon high today around 60 degrees, traffic and weather together on the eights on all news, 1069 and am 7 40. K CBS sponsored by Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery. Uh, so sick, honey. Seriously, I'm sick. Oh, honey, it's time for Dick will severe honey, It's maximum strength cold and flu medicine with soothing honey licious taste. I love you, honey. And I love you. I met the day Quill New Day Quill. Severe, honey, this soothing honey licious, daytime coughing, aching stuff. He had fever power through your day. Medicine uses directed order. Continue. Ms Garner with the capital one venture card. You were an unlimited double miles on every purchase every day. Objection. My credit card doesn't earn double miles on every purchase. I object to your objection with the capital One venture card. You were an unlimited double miles on every purchase order and right now earn 100,000. And bonus miles. When you spend $20,000 in your first year, I don't know it. No further questions. Your Honor, We'll just one What's in your wallet? Limited time. Offer terms. Apply C Capital one dot com for details. Purple Carrot is the plant based subscription milk it for easy to cook. Irresistible meals each week. Choose from delicious menu of globally inspired plant based meals. Get $30 up your first box by going to purple carrot dot com and entering code Veggie 30 at check out today. CBS November 16 Cedric the Entertainer and Max Greenfield star in the neighborhood to Malcolm Say what he did to get arrested was being black in America. I'm filing a complaint..

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