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So of the. I mean I remember talking to Ross Brawn about ten years ago about leveling the playing field between the teams and the big and the small teams in the and and it's still going on in the news. This we still that is the issue as a as a some on as a fan of Formula One. Would I know the difference if the budget cap comes in? Would I would? I know anything from Sunday to Sunday would notice anything. Probably not in the same I think. Probably NOT THAN HE CONTAIN. Principal or somebody with shareholdings could answer to you. Yes you would and they will give you the reasons. Why the difficulty? I say difficulty ruled on saying the problem because I was always reluctant when anyone used to say to me. The problem is that already building up a e. A negative vote on their own. Mind as to why they want to do something you know. The challenge would be getting agreement. You're not going to get agreement because if you're variety and you've invested heavily over the last decade more or Your Daimler and you've done the same and you reap the benefits without wine. Would you want to wipe out your advantage and run the risk of being beaten by Hasse or Alpha totally or racing points? You can understand if you're getting beaten on the opposite side on the level playing field. Where you you? You invest everything that you can in the technology. Then you know that is possible to to get that level of performance if you're restricted and let's see argument's sake I'm not sure exactly what restrictions acquitting place. But let's say for instance. You're not allowed to upgrade your suspension from when you launch the car if you wrong at the beginning of the year you're stuck without a year with as clearly if your team with a you get it wrong you go back to the drawing board overtime. You fix it so you know. The the sports has been Abo- development off the most creative minds..

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