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That the use of nuclear weapons will result in the end of that regime, the launch is the latest now in a series of weapons tests by North Korea in recent weeks. It came as South Korea is wrapping an annual military drill that North Korea views as an invasion rehearsal. Stable WTO will have more on all of these stories coming right up where the time now Friday morning, October 28th is one 48. I think it was the 8, rich hunters in the WTO traffic submarine in the work sun on the inner loop of the bellway apparently they're hanging one of the new signs for the express lanes just right near the route 50 interchange stuff for the moment they've got traffic stop there. Once you do get moving, you will get by single file to ride, but just be aware, interleave with the bellway and halfway between Arlington boulevard and I 66 traffic is stopped with their hanging a new sign. Now, outer loop of the beltway that works on that begins after river road and extends across the American legion bridge to a point just beyond Georgetown pike, it remains in place single file left gets you by but for now, you get by without delay working on the inner loop of the beltway between the dulles toll road and Georgetown pike two right lane sketch behind again. For now no big delay. 95 south and Maryland approaching route 32 crash means along the left side stay right to get by a brief but abrupt slowdown, better as you continue south toward the beltway. If you're traveling in the district, I two 95 north as you approach and pass exit one for laboratory, rode in again their suitland park breaks at four in each case, single file left through the work sounds D.C. two 95 north as you head toward eastern avenue and then up toward route 50 once you're in Maryland, a single file rikki bottom works, and as the lights you can buy without delay there as well, I two 95 south near exit four suitland Parkway, single right lane pass the construction rich hunter WTO traffic. Storm team four track in the next couple of days for you coming after a beautiful Thursday, high temperature of 67 plenty of sunshine on Thursday, not on Friday though, not exactly

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