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Columbus so we'll see what happens with Michigan they do get Michigan state and Ohio state both at home so the more like people say all they got these games at home but remember those are games that your fan base you know you're the Michigan guy this is your opportunity that fan base right there in Ann Arbor feels Michigan should win those games and if they start you know destroyed literally it's going to be the pressure all over Harbaugh and is much of a Michigan get a guy that he is and yet his alma mater I don't I don't I don't really care man they if they don't beat Ohio state this year with urban Meyer out of the picture and they're in the big house I think there's gonna be a lot of grumbling and you know we'll wait and see what happens but that is Michigan talk to me real quick about Indiana because I think this Indiana team is a is a is a dangerous team they're a team that you know they they can you know do some damage at home and if they ever pull off the stunner on that September fourteenth opener in the big ten against Ohio state look out Tom Allen may just have this team to where you know what they're dangerous there's no pressure on Indiana but they're a team all take with the double digits against the Buckeyes yeah absolutely I like Indian a lot of their team which they could sneak up and finished in the top three this thing at the plant once again because there's gonna be a bloodbath bulletin east teams are gonna lose games that you're expecting to lose in in a look at it going back to Michigan it's not time the conference game but I mean you got to your non conference teams are doing king but one ten games a year ago on the Notre Dame this was going to get beat up throughout the year and then you come over here and yeah Indiana they get paid when the who might be the best pure pass in the conference we got a nice will run it back in Stevie's got Nick Westbrook it seems like you're going to college for about six years now you still there defenses that a bomb I like the the linebacker combinations allow more single bone require Jones they got they got ball plan sort of a rover spot in that in that defense he's free to kind of run around to the needs to do yeah yeah in in a doctor's office in school anymore they value defense Tom Allen and made it a point to put value on defense and that's bad news for teams I think they're gonna go and learn to score points all over there Indiana and and get into a shootout the defense is going to get some stops they're gonna get stops against Michigan and Ohio state and state and Michigan state they can beat some of those teams and they're gonna be the wild card ninety out they went but they're they're gonna make a lot of noise maybe as you mentioned earlier on a lot of outside of a lot of these consisting kicker Logan justice and I'm telling you that game to me September fourteenth is one that it will not shock me if Indiana takes out Ohio state was the other things pan out by the way the Yankees to get out of it in the bottom of the ninth so it is twelve twelve going to the tent Yankees in twins from target for for cubbies in giants that is bottom ten from San Francisco all Texas rolling over Seattle bottom nine seven two and gave me that final there with techs are I'm sorry with Oakland beating Houston forty three everything final on the inter league said the angels continuing to lead at Dodger Stadium for one bottom six sports radio rolling through for another nine minutes here our good pal G. P. Scot Fahlman Twitter at the GPS guide talking big ten football Minnesota you mention Minnesota is a team that you know and extends their Morgan's there you have key last year that stepped up in the backfield nearly twelve hundred yards nine touchdowns nearly six yards carrying Muhammad he brand and he's good but then you bring back Rodney Smith what a torn ACL Shannon Brooks had a torn ACL so you're lost to these guys two years in a row that were starters now also you have a trio of running backs back and that bodes well for PJ flak are you do lose act of a left tackle Donald green that hurts but your top three receivers are back in Johnson basement and Orton bell the way I like to skill position there that flex bringing back in you said keep an eye on this team there's a lot of starters coming back Carter Coughlin on the defensive line at nine and a half sacks on no one else however had more than two and a half but pretty good line backing connection there with barber and Martin and then to Ross knitted Antoine Winfield junior plane like his old man playing the safety position like said secondary they lost her top two tacklers in cash when enough but you know just about everybody else back this is a team that you know like you said there a sleeper keep an eye on Minnesota in the west yeah thing Minnesotans everything we just said about Indiana only I I believe Minnesota Twins division welcome right away this is the twenty third year he's got a system installed he got his guys they believe in hand they they had a winning season they won a bowl game last year everything's going the way teachers said the flex that would you know he he he's it's not a good I don't know who you talk to he's not a likeable guy I love the cat a lot of people don't like his antics but you know what threw up through it all all he's done is put this team and when the tractors and under they're gonna keep going and again sprint's was they've got more of it than any team in the west except maybe Iowa the those two that I think your neck and neck in the experience department Minnesota can win this division there to their schedule this is a sense of nice too I mean we got pretty easy nonton on their way games are at Purdue at wreckers at Iowa at western northwestern Iowa they get ten stayed at home they get a basket home they get Wisconsin home I mean that right there they could they could drop those two road games make it still on the last yeah quarterbacks can be interesting to you got got two guys with experience running back as mentioned cats so much running that that that these guys are all healthy and I'm right I think he's either in the rising star defensively and we gonna figure out what's going what's going to happen because of wine but you mentioned when field I she's my dark horse for the ten defense plan a year I think he's a he's going beyond his years already he's a playmaker he's kinda glad he's going to find a clue to plus instructions couple against that and that could be the difference I mean that could be the difference of the court nine three and and the big ten west title right G. P. we got about six minutes and that about sixteen so we're gonna have to go fast let's jump over to northwestern Pat fitz Gerald the one thing that Pat likes about this team is he's got a clone basically of back when he played middle linebacker that's Patty Fisher at a hundred seventeen tackles last year you got Blake Gallagher hundred twenty seven tax I mean these two linebackers are you kidding me the two hundred and forty four tackles between them a guy's got a pretty good a defensive end our top five tacklers were all softwares last year there so that bodes well for northwestern hundred Johnson comes in and you know because we thought TJ green was gonna be the heir apparent got to pick it up in the back for a lot of pressure on Bowser Modena for to you know gain some ground and then to a five back on the offense of line insulator in Thomas you know wide receiver you receiving corps not back with a score on ICQ is really the guy that the look too but not a lot of speed to stretch the field so they've got to be consistently got to take care of the ball real quick northwestern your take presidents the same old same old they're going to be strong on defense they do what they do on offense they're gonna they're gonna found out a couple yards a hundred Johnson is the key remember the only reason this kid is not constant because Trevor Lawrence in that concept the kid he bolted cleaning her cat learns gone in there and for him to end up at northwestern the meeting in mind blowing out of the church of god in the thinking is lucky stars if this kid could was that the Barclay opened their eyes now you mentioned earlier that you know if someone has to step on the place he did not serve the ball deep the actor move the ball down the field give that defense time last died like god Jana stuff up there that they're gonna do their thing on defense and US west is well it you can without anybody can read and with that if Johnson's OCD is right but like you can boil it down no questions what is that about forty seconds on these last five teams real quick Purdue Jeff brown he diss his alma mater Louisville stays there I think he's going to be another joke teller it's gonna be the type of offense us into our got an extra year added on there but the most explosive player I think and and all college football my favorite Rondell more one of the greatest wide receivers and a great get by Purdue this guy they've got to get him in space them out because they lost knots in Jones as far as the running backs your take real quick on Purdue order I mean you know they lost the quarterback of the gas and lower back he's got a lot of experience on defense only they're going to be really tough just like you were last year alone market failure linebacker and what what you say about round out more heat you can use a game changer thanks that's the guy that house they couldn't stop last year it's one of the biggest reasons the game got away from home I like pretty you could use another team that can make ours are real quick I would need Stanley's back but you lose guys like Hawkinson fan easily that hurt big time but still I was I will but what we expect seven eight games that's why their win total right there at eight I would not be written last need Stanley radical quarterback AGF announces a top draft pick and they're gonna have a couple of guys on and off since one is always there to play in the NFL now there's three things that are current as proven that he can do time and time again well developed even outside in Iraq's offense of linemen he woke he develops and very good defensive backs they're gonna be good they're not here in the west sergeant young and more not every in the backfield gives instant up there Illinois Lovie Smith bringing in the.

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