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Obviously the moment i sat down i thought i was looking into a mirror we're not identical twins know jingle all the way out of this is that the that's the minnesota christmas oh mercy it's real world even watch that if i had one channel and that showed a fun a rainy sunday you just turn it off and now i totally would i would read a book lolly all right i have another story that caught my attention i wanted to do it and things that make you go because we had the story that shiloh buff was going to be playing on what's his face jimmy o'connor's in that movie about beyond bjorn bjorg bjorn borg no he's playing john mcenroe not jimmy connors jimmy and then you throw an in there shaving o'connor obviously into the o'connor he just komo kid okay i don't know what happened but anyway what did you we shall above so there's an esquire piece on him and people are saying it's kind of fascinating and it makes you realize why he has so many issues but one of the most important things that we will learn that show was conceived in a sleeping bag in the back of a van and his name roughly translated means thank god for i didn't catch that i didn't get it i thank god for the beef wait a minute you're saying that the shaya la buff translates to thank god for the beef if i'd be sharing but yeah buff means beef in french his dad is cajun but shaya is hebrew and it means gift of god so when you translate it roughly it's thank god for the beef beef so that's an esquire right now if you want to check out a good read i think i just got the bullet points that i need right then and there shiloh above as shimmy o'connor we carter just became a complete moron idiot.

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