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On AM radio and your will give you a great Course and frequencies and calculus a little while ago explain why it's so hard to get in frequency. Moke AM radio when you're in an area with big buildings or mountains or tunnels and things like that. Well, now you can get us. On the FM dial H D to 100.3 HD to it just officially launched over the weekend. There, ESPN 1000, ESPN. Chicago APP. Yes. And, of course, the big announcement. 100.3 HD Too much fantastic. You can watch on Twitter. I didn't even know it existed in a car. But all new cars basically have the starting thing. All of them hate the menu thing and then boom. I typed in 100.3, and it came in and hit HD two. At times, everything is fantastic. And what a sound Well, yeah, it's crystal clear. It's great Heavens, the beautiful the what car News broke Thursday. We were already gone Model and Sylvia talk. We were gone ready for the weekend, ready for a long weekend made along three day weekend. The the Bears released a statement. Saying that they had indeed. Made a bid to buy the property at Arlington Park from Churchill Downs. Lot of bears fans rejoiced some a little bit upset. I know Sylvia put a pole up and there seems to be overwhelming support for the Bears. Buying that land, developing their own stadium and entertainment district and moving to Arlington nights. The site of Arlington Park, which is going away. I would try to understand what the downside is. Well, the one most common one that you see is this very I don't quite get it. I never understand it. The Bears must play in Chicago. Their name is the Chicago Bears. And we've pointed out over the course of time. All the franchises that Miami dolphins don't play in Miami. No, they do not. They playing Davy The 49 ers do not play in San Francisco. No, they're playing Santa Clara. The Cowboys did not play in Dallas. No, they don't. The Jets and Giants do not play in New York. That's right. The Patriots are called the New England Patriots. So maybe that, But you'd think. Well, Boston they don't play in Boston. Don't even play remotely close to Boston. Guys play closer to Providence than they do to Bost. Exactly. Which is why we'd stay in Providence, right when we go there because it was easier to get. They're easier to get there from Providence. I mean, we could go well, you go on and on and going on. I mean throughout the whole thing, and you'll find out not every team is there. It's a silly argument. Quite frankly, not only that, but it's not like they have been only at Soldier field, their whole lives. No, they were at Wrigley Everywhere. They moved everywhere. Well, they started an indicator right. They moved to Chicago. They played at Wrigley. Then they moved to soldier, Sylvie pointed out, Uh, They reside in Lake Forest. Their headquarters, their home where they practice where they all live is like forest. I mean, this idea that they must play in Chicago is goofy. There is no worse stadium to get in and out of then Soldier field. It's the worst. I just now if you live downtown, like if, if you're Chris Black, let's say Even even blacks got season tickets have been in his family forever. Right? You know, black kind of was walking distance like I get it. Even Chris doesn't really care if they move, you know, I think He wants the idea that they could be a more modern team with a better product. If they've got this added revenue stream. I mean the amount that they sacrifice as a family because they don't own the park, and then they have to deal with the park district all the time. Is really kind of silly to operate the way they do in this day and age, so I don't see how there's any downside. The more positive things for all of us fans would be you're guaranteed a Super Bowl. Super Bowls. Probably. I mean, it's Chicago with a dome Final four guaranteed the final four. I heard somebody earlier today with Captain Hoodie talking about WrestleMania coming back. You can do a WrestleMania there again. Absolutely to be answered at Allstate Arena. They did up. Yeah. 22 Russell. Maybe 22 is that Allstate Arena? Was it? Yeah. I mean, why you'd want the smallest stadium in the league like that. You still have it, soldier? I don't get it. I did. The bigger thing is how many days a year to the Bears make money off of Soldier field when they go to soldier field. How many? How much money is to be made? How many days here would think 10 10 the days that there there 10 days? You want a facility and makes money? 365 days a year like Jerry World does like Gillette Stadium does or like what you've gotten Sofi Stadium, So Fi Stadium Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles. You got restaurants in there. So while the stadium be closed, Restaurants are open, even in Arlington, The ballpark in Arlington. They've got a restaurant there. That's open all the time. Okay. And either you're charging rent, or you're running the restaurant. You're getting all the revenues from the restaurant. That's why the Cubs built that, you know, building across from the hotel. And like our buddies from, uh, Sundays a year, not 81 day. Every day. They want money. 365 days a year. I told you about the nuance in the NFL, right? The nuance with the NFL is if you sell merchandise that you're stadium, you keep 100% of the prophet. That's that's great. The Packer Pro shop is the pack of pro shop for that reason. You see how big that is? Yeah, It's huge. You sell it online through the pack of pro shop. You keep 100%. Wow. Even if they go to dicks and you buy a Green Bay Packer jersey that is split with all 32 teams..

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