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Flash flooding and says some local areas could get up to five inches of rain. You're listening to npr news. In haiti the death toll from last weekend's catastrophic earthquake is more than nineteen hundred people. Npr's jason bobi and isn't southern haiti and says ten thousand people were injured. The vast majority of the fatalities were in the southwestern most part of hating the tallies of vote deaths and injuries are expected to rise. Search and rescue operations continue in spots where people are still believed to be trapped. The number of injured is also expected to go up as hospitals have been struggling to treat all of the incoming u s coast guard helicopters. Have been ferrying. Some of the most critical patients to port au prince for more sophisticated treatment but others with less severe injuries have been waiting days to be seen medical aid groups and the haitian government say. They're doing the best. They can in extremely difficult conditions including tropical storm to get all the patients. Jason bobbie-ann npr news in southern haiti opening. Statements are set for today in new york in the federal trial of our nba star. R kelly. He's accused of sexual exploitation of girls and women and sexual trafficking among other charges. Kelly has pleaded not guilty to all the accusations separately. He faces federal charges in illinois on accusations of child pornography and obstructing justice is again pleaded not guilty. The george election board is poised to create a review panel. That could strip the state's most populous county of the power of running its own elections. The county is home to atlanta and many democratic voters georgia republican lawmakers claim without providing evidence. That the county's elections have been badly conducted on korva coleman. Npr news from washington support for npr and the following message. come from american express. Make the most of your life with offers on travel. Dining and entertainment. Learn more at american express dot com slash with amex..

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