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I can give you some names. So right now he is sandwiched between Adam Phelan and Larry FitzGerald. Right. And is there any scenario where Baldwin or Larry FitzGerald right now? Take Larry. Wow. I would take Doug. Yeah, I would go Larry. But, but I'm with Jason that I am. I'm absorbing the risk of Doug Baldwin because the upside of Doug Baldwin is a top five wide right now you don't have to or right now you can draft deal in or fits or hill or Cooper. Sure. Would you drive Baldwin or hill? I think I would win Otake bowling? Okay. Cooper or Baldwin that why now Hooper with injury to duck Baldwin. All right. Number sixteen is to marry us. Thomas. It was a year that he, he faced challenges at the quarterback position. He still received the tenth. Most targets in the NFL. He had a much stronger second half of the season much more consistent second half of the season right now. His average epizootic is the fourth pick of the fourth round. And we expect to Mary's Thomas to be better because we expect case keenum to be. More consistent than the quarterbacks that he's had over the last few years? Yeah, it for Damaris Thomas last year. It was if fishy it was quarterback play, hit the average gap of top twenty wide receivers. When you're talking about where they finished in target total to where they finished in fantasy points this past season, it was just under two positions, meaning that the wide receiver who got the sixth most targets, they're going to finish right around there in fantasy finish of the guys in the top twenty of targets. Only Dez Bryant. Damaris. Thomas had a negative gap of ten meaning his quarterbacks sucks. That's just making it as easy as Paul verified opinion that, yes, this my verified opinion that the targets were there. The quarterbacks were bad to marry. Thomas is not the same player that he has been throughout his career. He is aging. He is not as dominant athletically, but he's a contested catch beasts. He is figuring out how to play in the NFL with with this aged wide receiver body, even though he's not ancient in terms of rage, do you believe that Cortlandt Sutton can threaten the value of Damaris Thomas this year, wide receiver rookie for the Bronx. I do think so. He's been on the field as a starter in training camp and you know, he'll in three wide. He's on the field Damaris Thomas. If you compare his game speed from twenty sixteen to twenty seventeen. There's a noticeable dip for him when as he's getting older, he is slowing. I agree complete. Only he can box guy out and contested catch the heck out of a ton of targets..

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