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Was just something. I dashed off on facebook. Doc very quickly as sort of a knee-jerk reflective reaction to Cowan article on. I'm sure you'll post both his article and my response and the show notes so people can take a look look at it but it was something that I guess normally I mean. Obviously I know who he is. I know several professors at George Mason. I know that he also has gigs with the Atlantic and places like Dad Adam and I have a very different sort of perspective on. I guess libertarianism than most people at George Mason and that's fine but nonetheless I probably would not have given it much. Thought if he didn't have a Little Jab at Ron Paul. At the beginning where he says well. Libertarianism is more abundance. Basically got the two branches. One is this Ron Paul Ism. which is just a bunch of all right and worse than the other is the George Mason view? But that's not gaining many new inherits so that's how he starts off so that Kinda thing just gets to me a little bit. Because it's so dismissive and I don't think Tyler Cowen is in a position to be dismissing Ron. I'm Paul I just don't it's and it's not about the relative name idea of the two manner comparing their careers like that it's just I'm Rhonda friend and I defend. Yeah my friends. And that's it. I mean even Ron was wrong. Defending against someone like that. Because he's my friend. So that's first and foremost and you know so. I sorta dashed this off off as a response and basically the gist from my perspective of tight accounts. Pieces that libertarianism needs. If it's going to actually hold any sway in the world is it needs what we call state capacity it needs to be able to recognize that while markets are very powerful. There are certain things for which which we need. Government and government needs to do those things sort of these big picture projects whether that means in in technology or whether that means in defending the the rights of the downtrodden and minorities and so he sort of goes on to consider all the great things. That state capacity libertarian is a might eight might effect or might get work out for us and so it's just kind of a homily of sorts to what we may call pragmatic.

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