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Also maintained these emerging consensus so in terms of maintain consensus how important have been some of those liberalizing gestures you mentioned there's been largescale releases of political prisoners and also there is as i think you mentioned him saying that the era of state sanctioned torture is over which is remarkable in itself but also remarkable isn't it that he actually admitted that state sanctioned torture was thing that was happening it is remarkable i think unprecedented nato business in i think very many elected officials even in western countries will go on national televised address in speaking to parliament say that we torture people in that is wrong and less redefine what terrorism is and officials using official power to terrorize population to hold onto power is in itself an act of terror this is huge i think these gestures are very important but one of the most important things that abby is doing to ensure that he can maintain this emerging consensus is he saying all of these cultures in the diversity nato bia is all ideo byan not one not other all of them are equally tobin in he is talking about regional integration in challenging it opens to think beyond ethnic differences into transcend those differences and think regionally in globally just finally then in terms of what we've seen of abi are made as a prime minister so far how surprised do you think eighth yo paeans are by what has happened in inquiry short period thing if there is anyone it'll be on or otherwise who clams that they are not surprised by the pace of change in by just how sincere and humility of this leader in the fact that he understand the challenges he article it's them in a way that the average european can relate in the release of some fifty thousand political prisoners in a nation that just a year ago denied holding any political prisoners in the discussions about a repeal of antiterrorism law which has been used to stifle descent to put bloggers and activists in position leaders in jail this is people are moment for it'll be in think is a turning point is a moment that no one had seen coming in think ib continues to surprise people every single day we are getting news to the point where people are complaining that we can keep up we can't even digest analyze fully because the city so relentless and these are historic moments forty two billion really unprecedented in recent memory mohammed adam adamo thank you very much you're listening to the foreign desk talking about ethiopia and the problems it faces wouldn't be complete without mentioning its neighbour eritrea which was of course until nineteen ninetythree officially part of if yo pierre the two countries fought a dreadful war between nine hundred ninety eight and two thousand and there have been several flare up since to discuss this fiery relationship on joined by michaela wrong journalist and author of among other titles i didn't do it for you which chronicles era trae is struggle for independence welcome to the program michaela let's look back at that big wall between if yo pierre and era trae and why basically did it start i think that's the question that people are still trying to find an ounce volvos because it took a lot of people by surprise these were two former rebel movements who had culprit in the fight against mengistu and had apparently been very very close and then suddenly the trigger point was the villager may the border between our attorney european on the western side and it was a skirmish that escalated escalated and ended up being the along the length of a thousand kilometer border between them and lawsuit for two years and ended up in something between seventy thousand one hundred thousand deaths so very very high death toll for a short war i think there's always been a query of what was really behind it there was certainly a trade element to it retrial had insisted on coming out with its own currency the knack for against ideo pian opposition so trade was in crisis between the two countries there was a long history of bad blood between the t pf the two grand people's liberation front which affectively was big partner in the coalition running eighth yoga and the ap l f the trend former rebel movement and the two men melissa norway the prime minister and the other president i size of worke who were some used to say they were related by marriage very very close but there was history of tension between the.

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