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West side we are literally ready to start to burn for those same fine fuel cells grasses and small shrubs even at this point this past friday we had a string of roadside fires in seoul was counting your arlington along interstate five and that just really prove that it is roadside fire season already here upon us and that was before our hot weather this past weekend we've heard that called grass elaine it doesn't take a matched have make that happened right it's not too many thrown a cigarette out his at lightning what is it while in that particular case the theory is nobody has any proof here for the theory is it was a told cheering for a boat or a trailer of some kind that was dragging on the pavement said off sparks shooting them off into the grass the fires that we have in central washington right now though for all lightningsparked fires here from earlier this week and then they were the fan the flames were literally fanned by strong winds occurred right in the wake of that system what are the concerns for the rest of this summer it's been bad the last few years here while 2014 and fifteen were to historic wildfire seasons last year was much quieter in fact it was a little bit below an average wildfire season and average welfare season here means we have a little over five hundred thousand acres that burn in the state of washington so just thinking about that a half a million acres it's already bad enough especially for the people that those flames impact so right now this year look like another average type of season at this point one of the things that we're stressing on this particular media tour is that the outlook for the rest of the summer as increased odds of warmer than average temperatures but near average precipitation for keep in mind this is our dry time of year few you look further east towards the rockies they've actually increase the the odds on wetter than average conditions that tells us that were probably going to have a pretty active monsoon season coming up this fine of the rockies but as a result a little further to the west every once in a while some of that weather wolves its way here that means we may have a greater threat for lightning across the.

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