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Today at +866 90 Nation or visit window nation dot com. 11 23. It's time for traffic and weather together. Killers of England. All wheel drive traffic on the threes. Kevin, what's going on? Well, we're watching a situation out lemon Stir right now. Routes to West found. We got slowdowns Hereafter route 12 in that lemon stairs Stretch. We had a work crew there. Now we're getting reports of up to two crashes, one of them in the left lane one in the breakdown at least two crashes. There may even be a third one out there so to westbound. Expect these pretty big delays here soon. Right at exit. 12 is where you start to get your brake lights and then the crashes or soon after that. So tough right here on route to westbound through that lemon Stir stretch farther south 3 95 North bound. You got about a mile back up approaching the lane closure here after Exit five and Oxford heading up into that all burned stretch mass spikes. Looking pretty good. Both directions through 1 28 and for 95, south of town, 93 South bound over a mile backup approaching route 28 here on Randolph. 95 South bound tap of the breaks to the left lane Guard rail crew's here before Cockney Street and Walpole downtown. Sterile, Dr Westbound Watch out for the right lane closure here just before Mass Avenue. Support is sponsored by Rocket mortgage When you're ready to buy a new home and want a mortgage lender who could help you plan with certainty Rocket cat get personalized loan options, closing costs and tax estimates all in real time. Rocket can rocket mortgage Kevin Brennan. Doubly busy? Is traffic on the threes? Now it's time for the four day W B Z accurate. The forecast average is going to warm up a little bit to the loaded seventies this afternoon and then upper seventies tomorrow. Some showers tomorrow night. Gusty winds.

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