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That could ultimately render that population moute uber had been one of the more aggressive companies pursuing an autonomous car future many in the field give conservative estimates as to win will have a truly autonomous vehicle fleet something that is able to handle virtually any scenario that can happen on the roads meanwhile uber has lodged pilot programmes or maybe i should say pilotless programs in a few cities to provide driverless car service to test out the feasibility of the strategy when we get the 2017 and a little bit later in this episode i'll talk more about this program and some of the concerns people had about it the other major news story happening teuber in 2015 had to do with the driver named barbara and berwick now berwick had started driving for uber in the summer of 2014 and that fall she filed a claim with the california public utilities commission arguing that her status as contractor wasn't accurate and that she should instead be considered an uber employee being an employee meant she would receive more benefits such as reimbursements to the tune of about four thousand dollars of haute expenses the cp you see eventually ruled in her favour saying she was in fact an employee since that set a precedent at uber and completely would turn their business model topsyturvy the company immediately filed an appeal now berlex case did not mean that all other uber drivers in california magically transformed into employees they would have to take their cases individually to the cp cpu see to argue for that designation but a group of them did get together to file a class action lawsuit against uber to make it a more broad sweeping change and over has been fighting that court case and it kinda stagnated in the court system the plaintiffs filed a new updated lawsuit in the summer of 2017 and that.

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