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Guys, there's a huge trial going on the oath keepers trial and I'm delighted to welcome to the podcast Ed tarpley, Ed's a criminal defense attorney from Louisiana. He's practiced law there for 42 years. In fact, he served as the district attorney in Louisiana from 1991 to 1997. He's one of the attorneys on the team representing Stuart roads Stewart Rhodes, the founder of the oath keepers. And welcome to the podcast. Thanks for joining me. A lot going on. I know in the courtroom and thanks for taking the time to step out and give us an update. How in your assessment is this trial going? And where is it at what stage are we at right now? Yeah, let me just say, first of all, that it's a pleasure to be on the podcast today. As you know, the local court rules prohibit me from discussing the evidence that's in the case that we have to be careful not to run astray of violating the local court rules. But there are many things I can tell you. First of all, I can say that we think the trial is going well. That we have an outstanding team of attorneys working on this case. I'm representing Stewart roads along with Bill linder with Phil lender and James Lee bright from Dallas, Texas, to outstanding lawyers, we have the other defendants, Kelly maggs has Stanley Woodward and Julie Halle from Washington, D.C., Ken harrelson, has Brad guy from New Jersey. Jessica Watkins has a Jonathan Chris from Pennsylvania and mister Thomas Caldwell has bay Fisher from Maryland. So we have a lot of outstanding attorneys on this case and we have a great camaraderie and rapport with each other. So I just think we have an outstanding team in this trial on behalf of the defense.

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