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Chicago is among ten major US cities where ice agents are expected to conduct a mass roundup of migrant families that have received deportation orders. There are reports the operation is likely to begin with pre dawn raids on Sunday of the two thousand families are being targeted despite efforts by the state Missouri's last remaining abortion clinic remains open a judge overruled, the Missouri health departments rejection of a license. Renewal for the Planned Parenthood facility in Saint Louis, buying the clinic more time to continue its fight for survival in court while Chicago's scooter program is just getting started Nashville, as banishing the scooters after its first scooter related death. Mayor David Briley, notified seven scooter companies operating in Nashville, he was ending the pilot project and banning scooters from the streets, and now WGN sports. Here's Kevin Powell cubs trailing five to four. The ninth up at Wrigley White Sox continue to keep playoff hopes alive. Thanks to winning twelve of their last twenty but they've got crown to make up they trail the Rangers by three and. And a half games in the AL wild card race. That's who they face tonight in Texas. Rinaldo Lopez gets the start Zach Collins set to make his first big-league start he'll H and bat seventh. Pre game at six thirty first pitch at seven with Andy mazer and Darren Jackson. It's draft night in the NHL. Opening-round is in Vancouver. The Blackhawks hold the third pick their highest selection, since they took Petra Cain with the top overall pick in two thousand seven will preview the draft next with Chris vote and bulls drafting last night. They ended a couple of pieces to the rebuild in North Carolina guard. Kobe white and big man. Daniel Gifford on the home.

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