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The location identification and disposal of all munitions and unexploded. In order to protect people. Sivvy's military assets building structures vehicles anything is of value. In the process of developing the design criteria from mechanical landmine clemens equipment, it rapidly became evident to the group. There were two distinct mutually exclusive applications which remind field breaching and the combat conditions of which I am. I was going to sound personally experienced not, but I'm not experiencing minefield breaching under combat conditions by our friends who are. And also post conflict on humanitarian area clearance. Odd Walk Concentrated signed capabilities on the landmine clearance process, which would best suit post conflict on humanitarian clearance on shows a rotating chain flail system. The also explore the possibility of using various commercially available vehicles for the role of prime mover profound. Have Shortcomings and thus designed the bill zone however to meet the needs of the military combat role in minefield breaching odd doc. Has Corporate with manufacturers of main battle tanks and armored personnel carriers as. CACTUS carriers designed flails which can be added is my as a minefield breaching device. It was after all a British invention to flail on the front of a World War. Two, main battle tank for use in deliberation of Europe's it made perfect sense. For more than five decades, the thought group has developed technical innovations which support operators fight in the front line of conservation and the protection of natural resources using. The three principles off detect, protect and defeat. The tact through that insight and foresight detection systems to detect explosive remnants of war. Puts, act they live protection of conservation zones as I already mentioned through the deployment of their invisible board solutions, miles an audience which convective mission to that remote detection solutions finally defeat. The. Ongoing solution uses advanced drone and counterdrug systems to detect hostile activity protect the commerce conservation Habitat undefeated any autonomous threats from the sea. Land off the air. Also recently entered into a strategic partnership with I'm. Tiga. On, a of take great pleasure and I'm. That's the cheesecake partnership is that development deliver train solutions for aardvarks portfolio of unmanned systems for Lancia Narrow Parisian's you can find out more about the aardvark group, odd, faulk dot.

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