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Has, the White House party tends to lose the metrics The Democrats get in, your taxes you get a crime all over, them as you get on people warring address but in terms of what's going on behind the scenes. To prepare for the midterms the. President's message is. Less clear last week a dramatic presentation. From top national security. Leaders underscored the administration's determination to. Keep the Russians from interfering we acknowledged the threat, is real it is continuing our democracy itself is in the crosshairs this. Is a threat we need to take extremely. Seriously we're not going to accept meddling in the elections but that's sharp warning was, undermined by, the president himself. Just hours later now we're being hindered by the Russian hopes At last. Night's rally for a congressional candidate in Ohio the, president appeared to be back on message and even expanded we gotta stop. And badly we gotta stop everybody from attacking But there. Are a lot Russia's there China's But, they've, probably, we'll talk with White House counselor Kellyanne Conway plus. The top democrat on the. House intelligence committee Adam Schiff about elections security then as, America's students had back to school this month we'll take a look at the. State of, education with former secretary of education Arne Duncan we'll have political analysis on all, the news coming up on face the. Nation.

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