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Of the culture rachel this is not a problem with individual police officers is not a problem with individual college students in any of our samples this is the way the world is being reflected on the canvas of everyone's mind so one of the key ways that you can reduce the automatic association between black and criminal 'between black childhood and be older than they are is changed mature realities changed the chronic situations of which we encounter though if we stop requiring the black boys have to behave like men at home and boys at school will stop seeing them as older than they are we stop representing them as criminal on television in will stop seeing them as more dangerous than they are allowed black children to have that fundamentally uniquely human experience of being sugar that's philip at either got his president of the center for policing equity at john j college of criminal justice in new york city we reach him via skype for a cigar thanks so much for speaking with us from rougeot upi bowl for saturday vets all things considered from npr news i'm michelle martin you can follow us on twitter at npr eighty c or follow me at npr mich e l we hope you'll tune in tomorrow when we'll be talking about the south by southwest music festival which just kicked off in austin texas we'll have a conversation with a festivals keynote speaker at the mayor of london said khan and will get a preview of some of the new musicians will be performing this year thank you for.

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