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The more handle on the law marginal legal advice oh okay susan hello susan yes ma'am the morning news meals a pact what type of tax liability do i have on a two hundred eighty thousand dollar condo um when three and a half years ago i inherited this condo out of my mom's trust after right yeah and that's usually what happens when you when harry people die good good one hell now ignore why some subai all right so what kind of tax liability oh i don't think any good okay okay here's the neck the upcoming okay i put that condo in my try and eight months ago i told the conduct i i was taken care of my mom when she has to have the bleeding but her and um i continued lived there for three and a half years and then eight months ago i still the con there may be some tax liability there but you have to call in account anonima coun here's what you dare is you sold an asset i and your and you received uh you know i don't know it's time to call an accountant because i have no idea and i when i have a question like i've i call my accountant i'll quebec tax person told me because i lived there for under four years are over forty or that there was something about a fouryear limit that i actually have lived there that that would be no tax liability for selling it understood that i did that and you're asking me that's correct yes the school year i have no idea you have another question okay no so not a problem you're welcome so much so we'll quickly rules of the road i've done attacks guy okay i don't do tax advice 'cause i don't know taxes i don't do plumbing questions because i'm not a plumber i'm not a doctor loyd to play one on radio i envy lawyer i am a radio lawyer i may free radio lawyer.

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