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The need Eric described it as like a person needing oxygen to breathe Alonzo needs to win and he said himself, even even mundane pointless activities like football with his mates. He wants to win so badly if he doesn't he throws. He throws his toys out the prime. He wants to change the team's up. He wants to redefine everything. So he can win the next time saying the former one environment he'll go into every project thinking, right? We are going to win nothing else. Who do how do we get? And if any part of that project fools away or doesn't deliver you instantly get into problems, and then it becomes a deconstruction of okay, whose not pulling their way who's not telling the truth or who's trying to hide behind something that they did wrong. If everyone's honest about where the failings are and can present a clear map to get out of that trouble. He'll he'll buy into it and oversee McLaren had to do that quite a few times in the the second stint because the Honda project was going so badly wrong. If you don't do that, then he'll he'll coup. Out on it and start demanding that things change in a cost. That's when you can get into tensions with people who are trying to maybe protect themselves or deflect attention away from them, and it can get into a hole into a whole mess. But there is one preconditions will that Lonzo sees the focal point needs to be him for that. And that's really what went wrong with the first one McLaren with Lewis Hamilton unexpectedly being strong in his first season. And so a lot of things to be done correctly done the right way such such Satcher. That's a positive thing for you run into plenty of people in management positions are necessarily focused on the right things, you will run into politics centuries, cutting through that CPA demanding it's this fact that he has to be the the man that is focused on redid see with run out a few times when eat lush out the team has made a really really good point on that score. He said joined the the high of success with that team t- thousand six just want his second world championship. He said he. Had an extraordinary press conference where he just slacked off the team and everyone was totally taken aback. He said the alums I lost a lot of friends within the organization that year and pats point having worked closely with Michael Schumacher, another great data chief the numbers to matches ability. He said Michael was all about the team. Even when the team was having bad moments or struggling things weren't quite working. He would always support them openly and behind the scenes, whereas in pats mind Alonzo is all about team Alonzo. The team is only a secondary element that works for his ambitions, which actually is fine in terms of if you have team set up that way that can be really successful that can really really work. Well, everyone has to exactly, but this this is what this is that that's the the facts at the heart of the disruption. He's not some lease county runs around causing problems. That's the sensor of Saudi blaming you want to be the focal point. And maybe you can do that. Maybe you can decide your that driver when Marcucci Micheals dominated death one. And you're the new kid on the block and the guy you can beat him which is while he was in the air before Hamilton came on the same for Sebastian veteran. And then later you get drivers stop. And so he's almost he was at a point where he do home-ice cornered the market for exceptional grand prix drivers, then the market flooded Cabezas appearing and Jenson Button rising as a championship winning force. And that that's one of the things that made it harder against positions. He wants to. Yeah. Because four one as Musone it's never static. And there's a there's a point where Alonzo he is the man he's toppled this mighty German drive. He's dominated phone on for so long. And we're all wondering when furry rain would ever end. He did it with Reynaud side. Of course, he's going to think. Well, you know, I come on everything. Now, I'm I'm king of the hill. Ecorse any takes a few bad decisions or a few.

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