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In alleys and parking, lots are worse than he's ever seen city leaders blamed businesses for most of the illegal dumping. Andrew mollenbeck, KFI news, homeless people in LA, we'll soon have an easier time, cleaning up the city of LA is borrowing some portable shower trailers from LA county, and this is a program that is kind of a first cousin of the mobile pitstop program, if you will city board of public works president, Kevin James says an agreement. The county will bring four of the showers to LA for a year and perhaps longer if the program successful James says one is definitely going to skid row. But they're still finalizing where the other three end up because they're mobile, we can move them around. We will assess their capacity, and making sure that we get kind of the most of their use shower should be in place by the end of the summer in LA, Chris, ancarlo, KFI news, a trade war with China's created more buzz for beekeepers in so Cal hunting sales have been sweets as the US impose tariffs on China, and that's really good for the be the Bill Lewis who runs bills bees, and sill marris's tariffs could negatively impact the state's almond industry. His honeybees have helped pollinate local crops, if they're a little strapped for cash, that means they're going to have a less money to pay a beekeeper to pollinate their crop. Lewis says it's still too early to tell how much tariffs will impact local goods, but he says, China will likely bypass restrictions by importing products through other countries like Vietnam until the US comes up with the deal. Monica Rix, KFI news. President Trump has suspended plans to impose tariffs on Mexico. Now that an immigration deals, been reached Trump tweeted, Mexico is agreed to take strong measures to halt the flow of Central American migrants into the US Trump says on the six thousand Mexican troops. We'll take positions at the southern border. The tariffs were slated to kick in Monday without a deal. Mexico's president is scheduled to visit Tijuana today for a political rally that's expected to be a celebration of the new agreement motorcycle crash in.

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