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The alongside cheek codes and kelly jane's at the tpc of scottsdale starting at seven o'clock arizona republican congresswoman marta mix sally tells ktar that she was shocked after their train hit a truck this morning on the way to a west virginia retreat fired a prayed that a back and sleeping i could do at that moment could pay for the victim of paying perlika which who were caring for them one person on the truck that collided with the amtrak train was killed spent a hot start the year hitting record temps of at least 81 asu geographical sciences professor randy surveying he tells the bruce saint james and family hugh show richard karn lawyer looked out were throw were felt warned recruit from raised over there worked into here we just had not deemed a you've gone realize all through last month he says we cannot expect attempts to cool down anytime soon hitting a high of eighty eight degrees next week let's check on the traffic right now here's detour dan for that and the ktar traffic center so far north to depot l'estere of the freeways but we do have a crash itin eastbound eighty third avenue exit ramp the left lane the exit ramp is blocked a stay right get you buy a civilised that may lie later do which is fine southbound 51 south of bethlehem abroad you've got a crash that was moved off right but that's pretty much it for the troubles are the freeways know what you do get though are a lot of brake lights twenty minutes arrived on eastbound at the sixty itin he stopped the signal beauty and that's actually pretty good right there southbound 101 price only twelve minutes from the 202 red mountain freeway south down to the of juice anton north broad seventeen nineteen minutes from the durango kurd north of pretoria 19 minutes other fifty one is well for the itin mini stack nor at the bell and westbound 101 19 minutes frank loyd right after the.

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