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Sponsor walk MS. Join us in our flight and see how we're helping our. Great city at western southern dot com slash Cincinnati. Western and southern financial group Cincinnati Ohio now ladies forecast from the train heating and cooling weather center on News Radio seven hundred wwl. Flood watch continues until tomorrow night, scattered rain and storms by late morning. High eighty one more rain tonight, sixty four for the low and rain continues tomorrow. But no rain and sunny on Friday. High eighty two sixty seven degrees right now in Cincinnati news is the service of low T center, he is Cincinnati's tenth homicide this year. An eighteen year old who just celebrated his birthday was shot in the twenty five hundred block of hands for place in south Fairmont early this morning. A coal rain father is going to be sentenced later today, after his one year old daughter died of an overdose after she got into his drugs. Anthony Worthington has pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and child. Endangering deadly fires in Ohio, the past twenty four hours in licking county, east of Columbus three dead, including a six year old boy farther, eastern Kaz shocked and county three children killed in a fire and a fourth. Child injured Duke, Energy wants input on big plans in Boone county, a public hearing set for four o'clock this afternoon at Florence Christian church on duke's plans to lay. Some transmission lines build two new substations and upgrade. Another substation in Boone county, those lines will extend up to three miles long and Duke wants input on possible routes the reds, go for the sweep of the Astros at great American ballpark this afternoon airtime. Right here is eleven thirty five. The forecast is next News Radio seven hundred wwl w news time is seven thirty bluecross blueshield believe everyone should have.

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