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It's wbz said in terms of signing you can take whatever is been available already if right yeah i know that i just don't know what's available i didn't know if you guys who we we we tend to use what our designers are providing so not really but a do there there's been the css implementations have been the they go it's right outsor around with wbz as well as long as it started getting you wp in that we've implemented what they're using a amid it should work as well so at bills and we you know we're recording this after build those publishing somewhat later than that there was this announcement around core three in bringing wpf windfarms to core windows only implementation's and this is naturally led to a conversation about since you're gonna associated with cores or is it going to be open source across platform and i'm wondering if it's already done that having uw wpf on win firms on running on what do you mean yeah you know they've been doing it but for us i mean it's not something to wear targeting anyway so maybe again their end but it's one undertaking and there's a lot of things that rely on like judy i or dark decks and things like that to be able to run properly so that may be one of the reasons is not available death worms while an of course they have microsoft is not open source their implementation wpf but i'm thinking here is an open source implementation that only runs on ios and android so running on lennox is trivial jordi they're essentially you know what is android under the hood really so it really depends so say that we've been having a few questions about supporting other platforms so we're basically targeting specifically the api via android so let's say when you rendering a panel or something like that or text block attacks ox to to end to input text where we're using the primitives of the platform so that we don't use accessibility which is a very important point for us right to the color.

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