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Vast me Hardee's are and welcome to another episode. The first episode of Full Steam Team Ahead are I'm your host Shirley Professor Esser and with me as always is my skinny red friend. My good to have you my friend. Okay but isn't gentlemen. Welcome once for the first time. Time to full stream at margin is new channel on Cape some lunatics Media Network where we are classic. netflix style reviews but now breaking free of the vines of Netflix for any specific. A group. NO LONGER AKA Jones no longer the sound of one pit sponging No longer worrying about whether or not you're a giant Turkey not but coming here to one home on full steam ahead and our first Group of people to discuss Scott in the universe will be that latkes Amy Lovely Amazon Prime show the OH boy Not about boy scouts. Now that's what you thought. When you start of freight there was called? The Boys Not really about boy scouts. But still we're GONNA try and make it work. Let's get to our first now a couple of differences my previous podcast. One of the things is now. y'All remember remember. We always like to call out the staff writer staff You know Story editor as the hardworking person. Show business. We're not gonNA do that anymore. However at the end of this episode Myanmar's are going to nominate someone for the hardest Person Person X. in this episode That person will little bend have their official nomination which you the audience will later get to vote on to see who at the end of the season will get a hearty yes S. eight hardy for the hardest working person in show business in their individual categories. So if I may on on the counter side of that coin If we feel there is a particularly bad performance. Be You know in writing plot device or acting anger anything They'll get the hardly working award the counter to the hardy. It'll be the hardly hardly while other things coming from me right now. Yes maybe I don't know throwing it out there. I don't I don't want to be mean NAS. I want this to be a podcast joy Oy and building a of people but yes I understand but is that a fabric of criticism. Though you know I mean there's ways to be fair in critiquing taking people without being mean certainly pay anyone that's on the show is doing what I'm doing with my life so I'm always low to due to be too good mental but we'll get to that later and we do have some people who will say really. Thank you this episode. We will mention it although honestly for this first episode. I don't have anyone it's at all either. I don't either for the first two that I've seen I don't either purchased saying you know. Sometimes you never know that. He's assembling block. That needs to be out out. That will be a warning. You people read the voice to keep up. The good work takes but tonight's episode the name of the game in one episode zone. One was soup kills the love of his life. AB salesman you e Campbell teams up with Billy Butcher a vigilante hell bent on punishing punishing corrupt. Stoop and he's like will never be the same again Director this week is Dan Scratching Bird Arab Eric Kripke gets are developed by Garth. Ennis of course and John Deere Graviton get our comic book credits and no other like written bys are given even for this episode in. IMDB we have over actors. Including Karl urban who is a belieber kway who's Hughie Campbell and Antony Antony Starr Antony like like the aunt is our homeland and Erin Moriarty is our starlight January. Okay let's get to so yeah and just as as as dimension one other person that we see in this episode episode isn't course a gentleman by the name of a train Well played by Jesse usher and and and I think the other noteworthy name of course is Simon Pegg Clink Hueys Dad. I was excited to see. That is a huge fan of salmon. we'll see him in the original comic. Simon Pegg was the artist model out really well. Yeah four four. Well actually come for students a lot. you know as an example The character of semestral. The NASTRO is actually built out vom. Oh bregman British actor wiggle mustache and arrested films. Basically you know you're you're not Michael Cain But taint his name where it's already gone but yeah but a lot of times you know. Comic Artists will just pick an actor at random Character to look like that actor. I mean let's so now since there's of course you know image writing what not. But that's often the case and in the case of Hughie Campbell was originally designed to look like It was originally designed to look like So that's what. When did this they said you know signing taking? He's too he he. He is no longer than a young man that he wasn't this book came out so he couldn't really cast him as he we Campbell but They said what we really want a part of this. If you're willing to do whatever you want to know what you'll be used at so I don't even know who is dead Book but he is now so Very happy to have some pagan this and okay so our plotline is is you get your basic set of this. You know you have your Superhero Aerobic universe. You know which is which is not universally computers exist and all the various rules and regulations that come along with if if you're a real thing and well established well not just that but if someone had a private police force of super powered humans that's a you know a heavy topic to consider have you met may give that although I mean so. That's a very it's a much. More murky murky issue in this Because I think on some level on some level yes if a what if we had a private police force but on the other level is like what the prophet net you know right and the Prophet I guess is they're doing it by making the movies but I'm just amazed that You know the government is okay. I guess I mean they show you how they go about regulation but at the same time it. It's amazing to me that that that is allowed to happen. But I guess who's GonNa stop them also whether you have the reality that okay compared with exist year behaving this corporation in front of being their frontman and so have we work within that. I don't WanNa get too because all that is a bit of a reveal so are owed but the person that it gives the sunset euros are not what they should be is. is Hughie and and his girlfriend and Robby Robin sort of Having their little cute nets and all this stuff and she steps off the curb as they're talking about what canoed end then A train run literally right through her and instantly. Look where visors not seen was. It's beautiful I it was. It was DACA crazy but it was beautifully shot and he would it was it was just crazy You know and this. This is essentially are precipitating incident. That is going to be the rest of the story of the boy and it sort of lays the groundwork for avenues. They are willing to walk down. They're willing to let us get close to a character and immediately you know. Just say okay. They are expendable expendable for the sake of the story So it raises the stakes immediately. So anytime something comes up. You're like Oh man. This person actually could die. Well Yeah exactly and that is the. That is the crux of the business. Yeah anyone in this guy. I've never read the boys books. I don't know really what's GonNa Happen. The everyone in this story You know I know what has happened in some of the books to deal with the media but I really can't say firsthand. What is the certapro important thing that happened point right on this date? This scene just the opening scene was so successful because I found myself thinking in Quito Banter that they had between them as he was Still working behind the counter. It was adorable and you instantly fell in love what the two of them together really and I was like man. They're doing this sold well right off the bat. I'm so invested in these characters right away and I was impressed by that and Own Right away they they they lay the hammer down and she dies like wow. I thought that was really really a successful Emotional moment that they wanted to create. You definitely definitely a sixty day. Yeah and and repair and I think that is really what makes this. A good theory is that these are Akron actors who are willing. Who even if it's a small bit even if it's a small role? They aren't going to invest themselves and the writing in good enough that when they do that. Investment it is it is worth is worth the value. Yeah a point where you can really feel You can feel Neil when people you can feel why The why Jack Quaid he would Campbell's character is he's GonNa be this. Hung up on of Robin played by So so guero of because because you know you can see she she is she is Worth feeling devastated could good feel the love between them and that is that just makes it a really great thing. our secondary. Have you have to in this. One is of course our central excellent idea of of few and his and his loss and then the story is Erin Moriarty. A starlight clash any January who is getting cold up to the major As it were. We're clearly you know. Super Power people are the thing in this universe. But you know there's there being super powered and you know patrolling your small town and you know smacking around muggers and then there is Getting called up the major for the sets you one of the few authorized superhero keen In Michigan it's interesting both of these characters I. It's sort of like we're watching their innocence breakdown over her. What the meaning of having superheroes is she thinks it's all roses and rainbows and he just thought it was just the way things were superheroes? Were good guys in all of a sudden this happens and we're we're both seeing that this cooperation confidence in it is being broken down and we're seeing that happen in two different I will. Yeah and and really I think one of the one of the simple things in this is that you know as I say. Don't eat your heroes You know and I think another interesting little aside in that a character by the name of lamp lighter it was the seventh member of the seven. Who they say is hurt but we don't know what happened to morning things where it's like what happened to laugh later? What was his story right? It's sort of like if you played The Halo Video Games the The the spartans never died. They're just missing in action forever. So I like one of those things. I wonder if that is what we're looking at with. Lamp weather but uh-huh so each of these character each..

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