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Cleveland or the Yankees and Wednesdays game one of the ALCS. By the way, Cleveland up two one in the best of 5 over New York, going tonight. Jay Brooks, WTO P sports. The top stories we're following for you on WTO P, President Biden is scheduled to speak at a Democratic National Committee event at the Howard theater in D.C. Tuesday night, abortion will be a topic in the spotlight. Multiple people are recovering after being shot in Harrisonburg, Virginia near James Madison university, a police spokesman says 8 people suffered non life threatening injuries early this morning. No students were hurt. At least 11 Russian soldiers have been killed in a shooting incident at a firing range and Russia's western region, Russian official officials call the incident a terrorist attack. Stay with WTO for more on these stories in just minutes. Arlington residents now have a chance to weigh in on whether or not outdoor dining should stay. The county is asking for feedback through its future of outdoor dining study, an online survey that will determine whether the COVID era trend should stick around. It will consider several factors including permanent safety solutions for outdoor dining, as well as the impact on bikers and drivers. The county says the goal is to strike a balance between commercial public and community interests. The survey will be available online through November 4th, residents can also share their thoughts during two virtual roundtables being held October 27th and November 3rd. Melissa Howell WTO penis. It's 1118. Traffic and weather on the 8s, Rick McClure is in the WTO traffic center. I said, let's take you back around the capitol beltway, nothing happened and still quiet all the way around through Maryland and Virginia, barrel and I two 72 from Frederick your good, I 95, no problems there through prince George's and Howard county. BW Parkway had a little volume south through jessup in north of greenbelt in parts of Laurel, that's it. Route 50 still good along both sides inside and outside the beltway through Chevrolet Bowie and Annapolis, still good across the bay bridge, both ways, three lanes west and two lanes east, and worked on down in California, Maryland that had traffic alternating both ways along a route four on the governor Thomas Johnson bridge told 2 o'clock this afternoon. That's going to pick things up. Or in Virginia, 66 quiet, three 95 quieter, I 95 south is with volume on through lord and parts of woodbridge near the aqa kwon. That's it for I 95 on the Virginia side. Meanwhile, the crash cleanup is done down in the annandale Springfield area of fairfax county. That was affecting the southbound side of ravensworth road at Braddock road east of the beltway, all lanes are available to you now. Through the district still moving well, both ways in the freeway at the moment, southbound D.C. two 95 is starting to get heavier with volume from burrows now toward east capital street. Rick McClure will be traffic. Now the forecast with storm team four's clan Anderson, clay, see a little bit of sun peeking through. Yes, we will have some peaks of sunshine sandy through the afternoon, but

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